Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I thought in the past that rap music is just music to entertain people. I was right I was only gaining entertainment from rap music. I was listing to rappers like Ice-T, Mobb Deep, Ice Cube and lots of gangsta rap. I thought this was the lifestyle I have to live. I was impressed by the wealth and the appeal the gangsta rappers got.

Later I found out that I found the originality of gangsta rap music is decreasing. I was hearing the same thing over and over again. I thought I got to find more depth from rap music than the bragging about money, drugs and violence. I found the whole other side of the rap music. It was less glitter and glamour but it made sense and it was more closer to the reality than gangsta rap.

Anyway I think rap music is the only music where you can speak your mind openly about anything. I think this has to be this way. The gangsta rappers are really open about things and tell each other what is on their mind. The other types of rappers are not on that level. Some might consider them realer but I think the alternative rappers are less versatile. I hope that rap music stays a source to express our self openly.


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