Monday, March 10, 2008

If we mention Nas we can not forget to mention Bravehearts. These rappers are the Queensbridge finest. They represent the grimy street vibe of Queensbridge. New York City. Bravehearts are signed to Colombia Records. They are a part of Nas Ill Will records. Bravehearts consists of Jungle, Horse, Nashawn and Wiz.

There are Nas rhymes featured on the new album of Bravehearts. The whole album is filled with gritty New York raps. There are productions of producers from their hood. The beats has a edge unlike the beats from Nas last album. The beats are some how alternative such as Madlib's beats.

The last album of Bravehearts was some kind of grimy. The lyrics were dope. I think they deserve more commercial success, because songs such as 'Oochie Wally' had a great hit potential and the clubs were crazy about it. Everybody goes wild when they hear that song of Bravehearts. Below you can find the song titles of the new Bravehearts 2 album.

1. Intro
2. A Ha
3. Slide Wit Me
4. I Need 2 Know
5. Good Money
6. Live or Die
7. Pocket or Two
8. Gun on Me
9. Murder Them
10. I Want In
11. Little Bitches
12. It’s Getting Hot
13. What Goes Around
14. Is You Aight
15. Mean Tongue


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