Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lupe had the best year of his life with his critically acclaimed album. It all went downhill when his father passed away, his friend and business associate was locked up for selling drugs. Then his aunty got murdered in a robbery. 2006 was a turbulent year for Lupe Fiasco. His second album shows all the pain and the glory what he has achieved.

On this album Lupe dedicate a song called 'Go Go Gadget' flow to his home town Chicago. He comes with newer flows on this violin laden tracks which is rapid-fire.
This will remind you where he is from. This flow is such as Twista and Psyco drama. The song 'Hip Hop saved my life' tell a story about peddling crack and proverty over a b-boy flow.

Snoop Dogg appear on this album. The song is called 'Hi Defenition'. On the song 'Paris, Tokoyo'. He explaines that being on tour hold him back from seeing his fam. The song called 'Superstar' shows the other side of the hip hop business. The fame and fortune brings tears and fame. The album is filled with dope tracks. I really enjoy listening to it.


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