Thursday, March 6, 2008

I can not chill, I got bills to pay, the kid with ill skills,
flow more liquid than a cup of gin, my pen inks, I am sunk in thought,
I am going to the next level, the rebel with live major flavour,
with more visions and insights,
out to flow with the raw styles, pal,
the techniques unknown, the poems are flowing,
mind blowing, I am going on and on with this rap song,
refuse to talk crap, I am straped with dope raps,

check the style of the golden child,
out to rule or reign and maintain,
on the microphone I never come lame,
I got a steady aim like a sniper,
I am scoping weak rappers from a distance,
I wouldn't break down no names, I flip to,
the next chapter in a instance, witness this man,

I got my eye on props, I drop the dope vocals,
bragging and boasting, mad soulful, going global,
writing lines, do not be biting mines,
can be dangerous, I am just flaming cus,
Don't get me started about these cheesy rappers,
and their cheese, please!!!!, I am trying to breathe,
the fresh air and enjoying the sight, please don't bite.


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