Thursday, March 6, 2008

I am crazy about cars. My first car was a Mitsubishi. There after I bought a Honda civic. This car was quite alright. It was a comfortable car. But I dream about riding a Lexus. I think this is a car with much elegance. I hope to buy it someday. I can not say that I am going to buy one in the near future.

At this moment I have a Mitsubishi, this car is quite old. This car is manufactured in 1989. It is in good condition. Since there are so many beautiful cars and some are affordable the others are crazy expensive. That means I can only dream about it. I hope to have another car, I think it is going to be a Chrysler.
I like this car brand, because it is American. I can not afford to buy this Chrysler, so I will have to find a site to get where they offer car loans

Insurance is also very important to have when you own a car. For an affordable
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