Tuesday, March 18, 2008

There are few places I want to go. I have this wish to go to New York. I think this is something hip hop music fans must do. This is because it is the birth place of hip hop music. This city is enormous with 8 million people. What I like about this is a multi cultural environment.

I have to visit the official birthplace of hip hop music in the Bronx. Thanks to kids from the Bronx. Hip hop music has become one of the greatest music genres on this globe. New york has a certain vibe to offer. This is mainly the big city lights, the restaurants and the malls. I am quite fascinated by the lifestyle of New Yorkers. The Wallstreet is one the most famous spots of New York. There are lots of talent coming from New York. I think this city plays a big part in the American culture and of course the Economy. The Broadway is one of the famous spots of New York. The reality is that the gap between the rich and the poor is big. The less pleasant side of the New York city is the violence, drugs and crime.

I wish to go to New York in the near future. I am hoping to buy some fly gear, records and sneakers. This is what I want to buy in New York. I want to check out how New York is and maybe move to New York.


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