Thursday, March 13, 2008

It was not that obvious the connection between hip hop music and politics. It never happened that Jesse Jackson would appear on a track of Ice-T or Hillary Clinton on a Eminem track. But Q-tip has kicked it really far. He takes the hip hop music to political level. That is going to do a track with Barack Obama. He is the presidential candidate for 2008.

I wonder how this song is going to sound like. Is Obama going to get votes with this song. I red that 70% of Americans hate rap music. I can tell you he is only going to reach a small crowd with this type of moves. It might be something else than what other rappers do. I think getting affiliate with politicians are really minor point for the hip hop culture.

Rap music is the opposite of the established order. Making music with politicians is like blending water with wine. Q-tip might get national attention from the democrats, but I can not imagine that it would impress any rap listeners. However Q-tip does something what others have never done. And Obama also is unique with this move too. I am curious how the new Q-tip album is going to sound like.


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