Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Now that hip hop culture has grown to numerous kinds of sub-genres. There is plenty of choice for anybody who prefer to listen to rap music. The last couple of years the southern rap music is gaining terrain with mega speed. This all started when Geto Boys broke through and then the big names like OutKast set trends. Now you have a whole new stream.

Now you have Christian Rap, Gangsta rap, east coast rap, west coast rap and plenty of more streams. I still find the best music is from east coast. This music is so grimy and the lyrical content is much more mature then the other rap music streams.
I think because the prominent east coast city New York has found out this art of rapping and made it to a global music stream. Nobody can afford to not to acknowledge that east coast rappers was the originators.

Although southern rap music gain more commercial success now. East coast rap music continue to maintain the status of originality and creativity.


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