Tuesday, March 4, 2008

There are lots of rappers and producers find their self stuck in situation that they are not able to get a records deal or a record company to promote them. If you are one of those artists do not worry. There is a possibility to record your own album without much of trouble. You can do it your self. It is not that difficult to get your music recorded, because there are lots of great production tools you can buy. If you are willing to invest some time and money.

Maybe you have not recorded a hip hop album before, with the following steps you can record your own hip hop album without any problem. One of the most important things is that your music sounds dope on the microphone. First you got to make sure that your recording equipment is working properly, this will save you time editing your music later on.

When you start recording your music, you must make sure that you save your music to a back up tape. This will prevent your music getting lost. Every take should be recorded to a back up take. You should not overdo the engineering. To keep the actual beauty of the beats and the lyrics. You should not add to much of external effects on it. Once you have recorded your music. You are ready to duplicate your music. This can be done by a duplication service. To make the nicest profits with your music. You got to distribute your music to the people who are willing to buy your music. click here to go to an affordable cd duplication service.

Because you are not recording in a known studio, then you can face some issues with distribution and promotion. To solve this problem you should find out about the stores who keeps indie labels. To get your record into a record store you can pay a small fee to the distribution company. If you like you can sell your music online. The promotional aspect has become much easier through the Internet revolution. You can easily upload your music to appropriate websites.

Following these steps you can get your music to your listeners. Now you can put the major companies collapse off the map. So forget about record companies, became your own boss.


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