Monday, March 3, 2008

Identity theft is a serious issue. We have the rights to protect our identity from those want to abuse it. This site called lifelock helps you to protect your identity. For a small fee of $10 a month you can use this service.

You can decide to do this your self or you can use help of the experts that do it for you. If you think why pay an accountant if you can do it for free your self. If you think like this you would not have a life. That means you have to do everything your self. You have to grow your own banana tree to eat bananas. Because this is free. Or you can let lifelock take care this for you.

There is a company called Experian is suing the Lifelock, because Lifelock is the leaders in the market that will stop the credit agencies to charge their fees for their own mistakes. Lifelock is out to stop those mistakes from happening and taking over the profits of Experian. Once you become a victim of a credit fraud you will realize that you are not getting your time and money for free to fix these problems. Lifelock offers an amount of $ 1,000,000 service guarantee if something wrong might happen with your credit. Click here to go the site.


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