Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A While ago I wanted to learn html so much that I started to look for information to get a html course. I was looking on the Internet for online courses html. I am kind of getting a hang of this blogging. I want to explore more about web design and start my own business so that I can support my self and make a living online.

While I was looking for a html course I found this site called This site is a good solution for everyone who want to get rid of their boring looking homepage. With this site you can customize your homepage and give a fresh look and add more color to it. With the tools what this site offers you can customize your homepage. You have the possibility to find the homepage you like. You choose an image to be displayed on your custom homepage. With one click you can upload it. Then you can experience the fun of having a custom homepage.

If you prefer a image of a car, celeb or a Spiderman image on your blog then you can add this. If I have to choose I would choose for a car to be displayed on my homepage. I browsed the images of cars and found a image of a Bugatti. This is a real nice looking image for a homepage. Find a nice Wallpaper for your homepage and customize it.


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