Thursday, March 13, 2008

I really hate r&b music. I never bought one album of those crap. The early r&b was original and the r&b music from the nineties is straight up garbage. I think this type of music is only sung by sell outs who are out for a quick buck. They think they got soul by repeating the same thing all over and over again like a parrot.

And where is the originality and the creativity in these songs. They are singing about love and it has nothing to offer for the audience and absolutely no value. I think this is truly crack heads that makes this kind of music. The buyers are even more ignorant to buy these tasteless music. The technology has made it easy for these crooks to make a simple beat and sing the gay-ass song to eat.

I even hate when my mother is singing in the kitchen. I think if you want to hear some singing you should check out rock music from the eighties. Songs of foreigner are classics. The listeners are fooled by those artists and the media is helping out those sell outs to make a hit. It is only the looks of those artists that sell just a fake image that is created by the record company.


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