Saturday, March 8, 2008

It is nothing new. We are constantly looking for someone to blame on. This shows simply a sign of our weakness. That is because we are afraid to take responsibility for our own action. The history is repeating. I think this scapegoating is not going to stop because it is still going on.

The majority of Americans are blaming the rap music for all the problems in the society. I think these problems are only highlighted through the songs. Before rap music existed the problems were there, but the listeners only heard the party vibe and the romantic content in the hip hop songs. Since rappers started to write about the drug problems and the violence that goes on in their neighbourhood. The majority started to think that rap music is causing these problems. I think the violence in America is nothing new. We can see in the cowboy movies how the triggers blow. I think the history is repeating and the urban America is the wild, wild, west.

Rap music is only a reflection of the harsh realities of urban America. If any one do not want to hear the truth. They can listen to anything else they want. Stop blaming the rap music. Blame the politicians who are behind the drug smuggling and all the other criminal activities.


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