Monday, March 17, 2008

I am cruising around in my car and having fun. I am listening to pop music on the radio. I am surprised how pop music can give me a feel good vibe. I always resisted any form of commercial music. That is because I thought that pop music is only give people a good feeling and it has nothing to do with the actual reality.

I got to admit only rap music discuss the real ups and downs of hip hop music. The pop music is about love. I think I have been listening to rap music so long that I couldn't hear what pop music got to offer. Although pop music is about the same subjects the melodies can give me a pleasant mood. Especially when I drive around in my car through the beautiful country side. I think this is a great feeling.

I am enjoying music and the nature. This brings me in a wonderful mood. I love the nature. The beauty of the trees and the bushes. The asphalt with white stripes are a great enjoyable view. I would like to ride around the country side of USA. I prefer Autumn. This is because of the colors of the leaves.


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