Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I checked the clip of Soulja Boy. I was quite impressed by this song called 'Tell em'. I am not into the new rap music. Especially not the popular rap music. Since I am listening to the radio much often. I hear the commercial rap music. The song of Soulja Boy is nice. I think this song is fresh, because it has a playful vibe.

This song is will get you definitely out of your seriously down mood and lighten up your worries. I have listened to too much of dark rap music. This was a certain era in the hip hop music. I was stuck in, but now I see that there is more popular side of rap music. These are the rap songs with catchy hooks and melodies.

Still this dark era of the hip hop music remain a classical era in the rap music. The new popular rappers can separate their self from the rappers that makes less popular rap music, but they are still creative. I think I got to pay more attention to the radio.


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