Wednesday, March 5, 2008

There are plenty of people dreaming about launching their own record label. Some seems to make their dreams reality. The others keep on dreaming and they are not able to take action. However the major labels are ruling the hip hop industry. You can take the alternative route to achieve a music career you ever wanted. Below you can find 10 steps how you start your own indie label.

STEP 1. Check the local authority to see if they can supply you information about launching a record label. if you need certain licence to start your own indie record label. These government authority know alot about these issues, because they deal often with people who knows too little.

STEP 2. I think if you want to do something properly there are requirements like basic knowledge of the subject. So it is the same for the hip hop music business. More interest you have getting into the hip hop music business and launching your own indie label. More sooner you will reach your goals. So studying about the hip hop music business will get you a whole lot further than walking a path without direction.

STEP 3 Find talent for your label. This means you got to network and find the rappers and producers who are willing to work with you. You got to let the people know that signing on your label means that it is in your own interest. Finding talents can be tough, because these artist got to deliver a good music to get your label the profits. You got to ask your self if they are worth your investment. If they already have build a name in the local scene, then you have a chance to succeed with these people.

STEP 4 Internet is one of the best revolutionary tools of this modern day society. It has more power than other media tools. It is wise to use this in your own advantage. So getting a website for your hip hop indie label is one of the crucial steps towards successful future for your label. You can sell your merchandise online. A website is a perfect way to get your name across the web.

STEP 5 You got to make sure you are delivering a good product. Without a quality songs your label will fall into a bottomless pit. It is easy for you to produce any artist you desire. Eventually it is about making money with providing value to the fans. You have to use your talent must be utilized to the fullest.

STEP 6 If you are on the right track and you are getting big record sales, then you can consider to get a bar code to mark your products. This will keep a track of all the sales. Your album might start selling big and it could hit the charts because it can be tracked.

STEP 7 Create a tight business plan. This is very important if you are looking for funding. It is good to run through the ideas and the goals you want to reach. This gives you a clear idea about how you are standing financially. What kind of investments you have do to get realize your dream. Business plan also give you a clear idea about all the factors of running a indie hip hop label on a daily label.

STEP 8 Keeping an exact record of your expanses and income out of record sales can help you to have insight in the tax payments. You can set up a checking account for all your business transactions. This can be helpful for you. You will be kept up-to-date about your business transactions.

STEP 9 Get some clear contracts. This way all the legal issues will be put down on paper. I will save you the hassle of researching the whole net looking for contracts. Click hereto get a contract for your artists on your indie hip hop label.

STEP 10 Get shiny business cards printed with your hip hop labels name and also the contact info. Including your web adress will make people come to your site and order your album or merchandise from your website. Make sure you have business cards with you to hand it to potential talent and business people.


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