Friday, March 7, 2008

The soulful vocalist, who dope as this man,
that slam tracks and bring facts to chaps,
who perhaps do not get it, beef I dead it,
bread I get it, I have been way head kid,
I rhyme I shine like the rays of the sun,
got my mind on beats and I rhyme for fun,

the ill grammar slinger, the dope on tracks spitter,
live vibe I will be supplying, whack rappers keep trying,
to achieve, talk is real cheap, I peak will rhymes,
and grind to get higher, rappers have lie to get papes,
for god sakes I am out to make it, spotting these fake kids,
who try to fake it, you change I break it,
I take it and spend it on a roach,
my realistic approach to pursuit my dreams,
got me skeeming,

I keep my rhymes clean, my mind glean,
coming with ideas to serve these fiends,
keeps you alert like coffee, stimulate you like saki,
the tracks I am on, I am on it like a athlete,
the elite verbal therapeutic, far from cute *ish,
flipping remedies like Chinese herbs,
my words I get through your dome, I strike back on clones,
for ever I rule,


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