Friday, March 14, 2008

If we talk about all the hip hop pioneers we can not afford to forget the lyrical ability of Guru. He an innovator and a legend in the game of rap music. He came with a style soul, jazz and hip hop blended all together that took hip hop music beyond the bounderies. He collaborated with the icons in the hip hop music business.

Guru and the producer Solar is coming with a new project they are putting out a mixtape called Time bomb/back to the future on 7 Grand Records. This is underground hip hop with a modern twist. This mixtape still contains the formula of Hip hop and Jazz. This mixtape is more hip hop than bebop. This album contains features of some of the hip hop's finest such as DJ Doo Wop and DJ Tony Touch, Aceyalon, Mr.Lif, Lord Tariq(Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz).

The beats and rhymes are in perfect balance the jazzy beats reflects the true essence of hip hop music. The originality and quality of this album is necessary to maintain the hip hop culture and preserve it like a culture. There are dope tracks such as 'Who Got It on lock'. Solar's production is dope. It has lots of influence from hip hop classics such as 'Electric relaxtion' and 'Eric B & Rakim'.


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