Monday, December 31, 2007

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I got to do this for my peeps in Jeeps,
I peak to the top like a climax, got hot lines
to spit on tracks, I got next and I get wrecked
check the mic with all the special effects,
not the first or the last to throw texts,
all the facts my mouth piece yap,
are actual not artificial but natural,
blended like spices bringing the nicest,
flavours like rice and curry,

I am not trifle, I might Ignite your head
with rhymes and enlighten your frame of mind,
like the God's designs, some throw up gang signs,
that is fine, I do not brag about my nine,
I hardly drink wine, so long my rhymes combine,
with the beats, you are going to feel the peeps
from the far east, God's descendants speak the
supreme mathematics hear this from the Asiatic fleet,
in lead ,indeed peep the truth, open your eyes,
and realize the paradise is here, that is where
my body, mind and soul reside, I will clear,
the path for the future generations,
establish the underground foundation,
for the hip hop nation.



I hope to buy a house of my own some day. I think buying a house is a great investment. Unlike renting a house buying is more attractive, because the house becomes your property after paying the mortgage. This is what I like about buying a house.

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Hereby I would like to wish everybody a great 2008. 2007 have been a great year for me. I can say I did nothing but soul searching this year. It is like the rebirth of my self. I finally found my self. I found direction. I set new goals.

I am a dreamer. I am not only dreaming. I have been working on my dreams. I am getting step by step, where I want to be. The quality of life can not be measured by money or a career. I want to let this blog grow and have fun.

Next year I will start to practice my raps. I will keep you all up to date about my progression. I have more plans. I want to learn web design and set up my own online business. I have couple of ideas. I am going to work on these ideas. I got to thank God of the Israelites for blessing me and my family with health, wealth and happiness. I wish you all a prosperous 2008 and beyond. Dream big and use the time to make it reality. God bless you!!!!!!



Sunday, December 30, 2007

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I love this song. I think the lyrics are so dope. From the beginning to the end it is so amazing. The Grimm reaper comes up with some unforgettable lines. For example the line 'I am calling all the poor and the meak to fight back'. This is a revolutionary mindstate. The next world war is not going to be about religous issues or racial issues. It is going to be war between the poor and the rich.

I think the Grimm reaper is right. One of the memorable lines of this song is 'I am ancient as Amen'. This song is filled with original and creative rhymes. The Gravediggaz are great. I love the dark vibe of the Gravediggaz with the nice metaphores.

I hope they drop another albumn soon. Everybody who slept on the Gravediggaz check out the track Dangerous mindz. Click here to check out this track. It will give a idea of the potential what this super group have.



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Recently I downloaded Fruityloops. This software is ground breaking, that is what I heard. I am not really into making beats. I have bought Cubasis back in the days, but I never got around to make beats with it. I can not find any time to learn the software.

That is the same thing with fruityloops. I am a lyricist and I like to rhyme. I love that more than making beats. I do not have to worry about finding beats to rhyme on. There are services online which I can use to buy beats. If anyone want to make hip hop beats on your PC,then I would mos def give the Fruityloops a try.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

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There is no stopping, when my lines start to popping,
from the streets to the school yards, you can not fool,
God's people, we are the chosen ones to put poetry into,
emotion son, into motion, I am bragging and boasting,
at the coast I watching the ocean, under the hot sun,
I feel that my skin get darker, doing wonders with
a magic marker, I slam fans like grand slams and
serve every rapper in sight, I get in their nerves and they
wonder how a kid sound like, my cypher remain round like curves,
on a fly girl, this is my world, I supply you oxygine,

take a breathe and take a one step at the time,
That is how a kid stays way ahead, away head of the time,
let my rhymes combine with the beats, let the heads bob,
this is for my peeps, with their mind on cheese,
I hate to brag, I hate to nag, I got pape to stack,
I want cake for my fam, I not from Brooklyn, I take
nothing, those who fake would not make nothing,
The real ones showing the deal son, feel the tongue,
peal the caps, real with the iller facts,
I am not squeezing no triggers, chap.



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My thoughts take flight towards an tremendous height,
the astrological type of rhymes, I am sending the vibe,
inventing the lines for your pleasure, I seek for the
hidden treasure, I thirst for knowledge,
I am willing to learn, you want to measure up to me,
go head and try it...the pleasure is mine,
bless the Asiatic child who hold his own,
my poems are flowing, I will rock the globe,
I stimulate rappers to be original on the plate,
for real cats who can relate, do not wait,
even Djengish Khan will put down his blade,
when I reveal my mind state,

Since I picked up the mic, I have been telling
the true facts, who is that? bringing a smooth act,
move chap!!!, rip mics to get props give me the mic,
I will show a unique flow, getting my name known
from Negombo to Munich bro, let me hit you
with the authentic scripture, my pen inks pictures,
the golden eye spit hits, the brown skin golden child,
gets up and get rid of the sceptics, the focused
black moses spilt waters,you never noticed,
I am low key, but above the water like a lotus,
I chose to follow the path, God chose for me,
This is all for free, I would not charge you a fee,
If I can make you see, my mission is accomplished,
how whack some of the rappers are, they are far from
mine, I am coming with bomb hits, a calm kid
getting rid of these funcky rappers, they are nappers,
they are no soulclappers.



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Once I was checking out Yo! MTV Raps back in 1994 I saw that Fab Five Freddy was down in Japan. He was checking out the hip hop parties. Hip hop arrived in Japan quite some time ago. Japanese rappers were rapping about guns and violence, but nowadays it is different. Japanese rappers are rapping about more peaceful things and mostly about everyday life. The rhymes are poetic.

Fashion and music is inseparable in Japan, because these two things are closely associated. Some retailers believe that hip hop fashion will become less popular, when the Japanese hip hop music becomes less popular.
The Japanese hip hop music was famous in Japan among a underground crowd. Nowadays Japanese hip hop is a mainstream phenomenon. The record stores are doing good business. Since the Japanese rappers started to produce hits of their own, Japanese rappers can gain more attention from the mainstream. Japanese hip hop can be claimed as the most popular music genre amongst the youth of Japan. The American rappers are left behind with the sales by the Japanese rappers. The record store owners believe that the success of the Japanese rappers lies in the originality. The Japanese rappers are not copying the American rappers.

The youth in Japan sees the hip hop also as a fashion. The baggy pants and baseball caps are seen as the trendy. There are about 300 stores selling hip hop clothing. I think if there is any new trend in the world. Japanese people will embrace it. I think Japanese people are very open minded.



Friday, December 28, 2007

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I was wondering if I could write freestyle raps instead of the blog post about the rap artists and place it on this blog. I am not much of a person to write the same sort of posts every time. That is why I am trying to offer a variety of blog posts. I realize how much I love writing brag and boast freestyle rhymes.

I decided to offer freestyle brag and boast rhymes for free for anybody, who is interested. If you are a rapper and do not have any time to write rhymes. I can help you out to provide some nice lyrics for you. I can not write a song for you about a specific topic, because this take much time. So long the topic is topicless I can supply rhymes for you.

It is up to you to decide what you are going to do with it. If you want some rhymes to build up your rapping skills or you want fresh rhymes to perform with. It is all right with me. Just leave a comment with your name and e-mail address. I will send the newest rhymes I wrote to you.



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Madlib stands for Mind Altering Demented Lessons In Beats. Madlib is a producer/rapper. He is a prolific producer and one of the critically acclaimed hip hop producers of this millennium. He has worked with rappers including The Alkaholiks, De La Soul, J Dilla, M.F Doom, Ghost Face Killah and Talib Kweli.

Madlib sees him self as DJ first, producer second and MC last. Madlib is born in Oxnard. Now he lives in Los Angeles. He started working with lootpack since 1990. His father started a independent label called Crate Diggas Palace. After catching the attention of Peanut Butter Wolf, the founder of Stones Throw. Madlib released two singles and a full length album on the Stones Throw.

In 2001 Madlid took a whole different turn from traditional hip hop. He released a Jazz based and electronic influenced album, which was called Angels without edges.
In 2003 Madlib worked with Jaydee and released Champion Sound. He also teamed up with MF Doom to release Madvillainy in 2004.



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I slam with words verbalize to visualize,
the facts you never heard, forget about herbs,
my natural high is more euphoric,
the epic written with vivid words, I got to
spit these words, since birth it is
pre-destined for me the drop hits,
do not be silly ain't no philly
can get you to a higher level,
the lyrically taller than a giant,
I am a rebel, serving major rhymes
on base and treble, the amazing,
blazing rapper, building like a Maison,
The foundation to keep the culture,
far away for the vultures,
shape and from your minds like a sculpture,
take it above the norm, It is on!!!!

I am raised at the shore, I do not play
at all, these soft comedians on the mic,
try to strike with a funny style,
my rhymes are serious, masses are like
Rutger Hauer, swinging swords out of fury,
so chill child, check out the rhymes
I brought , the thoughts I wrote
to drop it on the beat, yes indeed,
your greed is dangerous, so peep
the pattern to get a profit,
I got to give up props to pioneers,
in hip hop forget about pop hits,



Thursday, December 27, 2007

I love cars. Since I turned 18 I was able to ride a car. I was always encouraged by my parents to get my driving licence soon as I turned 18. I had no problem with getting a driving licence, because I love driving. The reason, why my parents encouraged me to get a driving license was, because of it is essential to have a car to go to work. Once I graduated I bought a car.

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I am excited. I wrote few months ago I am going to contact the producer I worked with before. I have second thoughts about this matter. I am thinking about using instrumentals to practice. I write once and a while rhymes on this blog. I love this. I am going to use these rhymes to practice. The reason why I have second thoughts about working with a producer is. I think he is less motivated to gain some attention from the local hip hop fans.

I am not depending on anybody. I can now buy beats online. I am going to buy beats from Da Rockwilder. I am really glad about this service what Da Rockwilder offers.
I am going to hire a place to practice at the local community center. It is going to be on in 2008. I am going to take it easy. I got to practice for quite some time, before I am going to perform.

I love performing, this time I am going to experience the rush of performing. It is no problem to get instrumentals to practice. I was so worried about getting dope beats. I have nothing to worry about no more. Da Rockwilder is not just the average producer. He is a Grammy award winning producer This is like a dream coming though. That anybody can buy Da Rockwilders beats online.



Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I would like to wish everybody a merry Christmas and a Happy New year. I got lot of goals to achieve for the upcoming year. If you also have many targets. I wish you all the best of luck. May you succeed, where ever you are into, of course I hope those are positive things.

Peace to man kind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Saturday, December 22, 2007

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I find it funny, I came to claim, what is mine,
10 years ago I was rocking that style, remember me?
I blended the sentence, pure lyricism, poetical wisdom,
the Asiatic brown skin Christian, already in position,
money is additional in my mission, beyond the traditional
methods I am spitting, you can not be admitting,
that I am getting into your soul and your mind,
the golden child is older now, hold it down
for the peeps in jeeps and coups,
for soldiers and troops, from the street to the booth,
my vocals are about the deepest truth, the soulful
the shogun swing, the mic gives me wings,
known to bring the nicest flavours,

Some say hip hop is dead, never!!! it is still,
in my soul,mind and body, I bring the knowledge
of it self to the party, the fellows nodding,
hotties are getting hotter, when I drop these
third world politics on tracks, where you at?
the truest- cats you never can dead that,
I bet that we will survive and vibe to keep
hip hop alive for ages, no matter you
major or not, In spit pages for props,wheather
I am on stage or not.



I mostly go to a restaurant to get a good meal, but it is not only the food, what matters. There are other aspects, which also counts. For me personally the interior of the restaurant got to be nice too. It creates a certain atmosphere, which is cosy.

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I am a big fan of the concept of Krs-One, which he calls edutainment. He released an album under this title. I think there are more and more hip hop fans are looking for some uplifting elements in hip hop music. I think that some rappers are not even aware how powerful hip hop music is. This is a massive communication tool. Rappers can speak their mind and there will be people, who will agree with these rappers.

I was convinced after listening to the album of Krs-One that hip hop is more than entertainment. It is not just beats and vocals to give you a good feeling. Hip hip music can be a source of information for the personal growth of the listeners. The insights of rappers about overcoming the obstacles, can offer the listener to improve the circumstances he or she is in.

It is also possible to learn about the topics such as declaration of independence, punctuations, how to work with fractions, civil rights movement and more. I found this site. It is called This site is a great resource if you have exams soon and you want to get a good grade, then I advice you to check this site out. You can hear rap songs about a educational subjects. You do not have to read in your history book to learn about history, but you can hear it as rap song.



Friday, December 21, 2007

I am a sports fan. One of my favourite sports is baseball. It is a great sport. My favourite club is New York Yankees. I think it would be a unique experience to watch the New York Yankees spring training. Watching baseball is the main attraction. It would be nice to get autographs too. It is special to own a baseball signed by a New York Yankee player.

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Memphis Bleek is a one of the members of Roc-a-fella. We know that Roc-a-fella is a prominent hip hop label of nowadays. The great thing about Memphis Bleek is he knows to hype up the song's vibe with the vocals he drops. Memphis Bleek is from Brooklyn. Memphis Bleek's first mainstream appearance was on the album of Jay-Z.
This track is called 'Coming of Age'.

His first album is called 'Coming of Age'. This album was dope. I can remember I bought this album in 1999 in the winter. This album gave me a taste that 'American Dream' is, it is for everybody, no matter your age. I thought that this young rapper had mad potential and his future was secured, because he was signed to Roc-a-Fella.
Bleek's second album is called 'The understanding'. The third album is called 'M.A.D.E'. The fourth album is called '534'.

All the albums contain that typical street vibe of Brooklyn. I think the lyrics of Memphis Bleek is to the point and it is not cryptic or complex. It is nice to listen to. I personally think he is a verbal impressionist. He reports to the world what is going down in his neighbourhood in Brooklyn.



Thursday, December 20, 2007

I like sculptures. I recently saw a sculpture of an eagle outside of a restaurant in Meppel, The Netherlands. I was really impressed. I am going to Meppel soon to take a picture of that sculpture. If you also like sculptures, then I would like to share this site with you.

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The Dark Matter moving at the speed of light,
Yes indeed it is right, you weeded and trying to spit tight,
and repeating, what you have bit all night,
I go back and return with loads of inspiration,
I do not act non chalant about the fact
that you can not rap, you are trapped
by the label, your rhymes are fairy tales,
you are cursing to get more sales, Oh well,
You never felt the realest kids around,
I am rhyming for fun, I get paid to rhyme too,
did you realized the fact I never been blinded
by women, whips or chips, I rip countless mics,
Quite nice from my fitted to my Nikes,

You never thought a kid with a low profile,
could come with rhymes that flows like the Nile,
rappers do not want walk a mile, in my shoes,
they would give up and get confused my moves
on loops are the prove, That I can groove
And spit the truth, the realistically written
feel the mystic of verbal linguistic,
who guarantee to rip it, I do not sing hits
like Minnie Riperton, I bring the true colors
through my rhymes my lines are shining on
your dome like the sun, I told you this is
fun to me, all those rich whack rappers repeating
lines like parrots they bums to P.



Most of us have to work to put food on the table. It can be exhausting if you work through the whole year. Then once in awhile we need a break to relax our mind, body and soul. Then going on vacation can can be the solution. If you want to get away to load your self up with new energy, then I would like to share this site with you.

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I was looking for a place on the net to get some dope mixtapes. I think mixtapes gives more rawer flavour of what artists got to offer. I checked out few mixtapes. It is banging. The hardcore hip hop fans are not the only ones, who got access to the mixtapes.

It is great that the mainstream hip hop fans got access to the mixtapes too. This will help the artists get attention from a broader audience. It is great marketing method. I found this site on the web. This site offers free mixtapes. You can listen, share or download the mixtapes for free.

There are more than 9000 mixtapes featured on the site. is a great spot to download mixtapes. I just checked out a mixtape of Nas. The sound quality is great. I am going to download the mixtape later on today.



I am glad that there are health insurances. I am glad that I got a health insurance. I think it gives you a secure feeling. We never know, when we need medical attention. To pay all the medical bills you can close an insurance. The you do not have to worry about the financial part.
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The most rap artists have dropped a mixtape, before their album hits the stores. The rappers drop mixtapes to supply more edgier material to the fans. This way rappers can keep in touch with their original fan base, which is very important especially when rappers are at the start of their career. Mixtapes became a basic method to gain more attention.

Mixtapes are not new to the hip hop culture, but the underground ritual of putting out DJ produced compilations are now also hitting the mainstream. It is possible to get the mixtapes online, at small retail shops and now some mixtapes are free to download. Once these mixtapes were restricted for the hardcore fans, but not any more. 50 Cent was credited for the revolutionary approach after he was dropped by his label Colombia Records. In stead of shopping a demo, he flooded the Streets with mixtapes. This way he convinced the labels that he got the material what the people want to hear. 50 Cent made the label fight with each other to sign 50 Cent. One of the main figures to put out mixtapes since 1990 is DJ Clue. He gave the people a of taste Jay-Z, LOX, Cam'ron and 50 Cent.

Because the mixtapes are put out regionally it is important to have credibility in the local scene. The record labels encourage putting out mixtapes and appearing on DJ produced compilations, because if an artist appears on a mixtape of a famous mixtape mover, then it means this artist has arrived on the scene. Mixtapes are the perfect way to draw attention from the labels and get them to invest in new artists.



Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It is easy to gain weight. It is much tougher to get rid of it. I would like to share this weight loss programs with you. If you want to get rid of unwanted fat, then this diet concept called food Magnetism will help you to get fit and healthy. In this course you will learn about the invigorating magnetism and contaminating magnetism. The one will cause depression, diseases and obesity, while other attracts health, happiness and helps you to get fit



If you all do not know who Styles P is you will get to know him in a minute. He is one of the rappers of the group called L.O.X. which we now know as the group D-Block. This rapper is mad original. He tells stories about the ghetto life style. He is one of the nicest rappers to come out with a new album. In December 2007 he released
a new album.

One of the hardest rappers to rip the mic since Lox dropped their first album in 1998. Styles P grew up in Yonkers. With his childhood friends he started to rap. They formed the hip hop crew called LOX. They were signed to Bad Boy records. Later on LOX signed a deal with Interscope. In 2002 Styles P released the album 'Gangster and a Gentleman'. This was his solo debut album. It contains a song with Pharoahe Monch. In 2004 Styles P released the mixtape called Ghost stories. In 2005 Styles P released 2 mixtapes.

What I like about Styles P is the hardcore rhyming style. The metaphors are very original. He tells stories about the lifestyle he is living. He tell the listeners about the streets and the jail. Styles P is telling what some kids are going through in urban America. He tells these stories in a realistic manner. This separate him from all the other rappers.



Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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I got to hit you with the scripture,
you noticed, who stays focused, my wordplay is no joke,
what I spit off with my golden tongue is dope,
you want to smoke it and feel in your longs,
My name is Prasanga, bring the heat, the sun god,
light up the globe, ignite the cells in your every lobe,
I am everything but average, I am thinking,
my thoughts are converted into words, what I am inking
will be carried on eagle wings, you heard, can you link?

serve you with the greatest flavours, certainly genuine,
the true colors from the melanin, man I am into,
chasing my dreams making my cream, dollar signs
in my eyes stays green, you know what I mean,
my name is MeanGreen I fiend for the mic like Rakim,
I stay fly in my fitted, I drop rhymes with no gimmicks,
I give the wicked cats the holy spirit,
the God's disciple you are fearing, all the real rappers Cheer it,
you for real?
you do not know nothing really!! I am a lyricist in the mist,
not seen or heard, I give you my waterfall of words,



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I just checked out the preview of the new documentary coming out. This documentary is about N.O.R.E. The Documentary is called 'N.O.R.E story'. This stuff is dope. By viewing this documentary it becomes obvious what kind of lifestyle N.O.R.E is living.
He is actually living the lifestyle of a super thug. You can see the making of N.O.R.E's video 'Nothing' on this DVD.

I think this documentary is real live. Anybody who sees this want to trade places with N.O.R.E. This lifestyle is topnotch. The party's and money. You can see how N.O.R.E is working in the studio with Nina Sky and Daddy Yankee. Fat Joe, Ja rule talk about N.O.R.E. N.O.R.E tells us about the first deal he signed. The first deal was for 5000 USD for each member of CNN.

N.O.R.E talks about the rough time he had to go through, because he was hustling. He believes that God had a plan for him. That was his gift to rap. I think God is the Greatest. I personally see N.O.R.E as one of the real character in the hip hop now. He is just a honest about his neighbourhood, the times he went through and about the friends he has in the hip hop game. He is not tying to project a fake image to the listeners. I think this DVD is worthy checking out. Click here to check out the preview of 'N.O.R.E Story'.



Monday, December 17, 2007

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Some brag about the blunts they smoke, guns they blow,
they can not come with the raw type rhymes to steal the show,
what the deal bro? you can not understand the simple fact
that every action has a reaction? money never been the main attraction
for me, watch what you say, please do not abuse the English language
with reckless word play, the foundation is laid, you get played,
I made my way out of hell, I desire to reach the paradise,
where I am born, although gun are bombs are blowing on my island,
how come? too many reasons to sum up, ideologies make people come with
their guns tucked, they rather buck, we should think and practices peace,
who is willing to reach the blind masses? the individual with the lyrical
formats to pass the wisdom, the system is sacrificing young lives, we turning
into ashes,

I stay sober, but my natural high supply me the insight,
we are scared to dream for pennies we scheme, I fiend
to change my country into garden of Eden,
like it is meant to be, the Gods people created equal,
the brown skin Asiatic people, the descendants of civilized
no body can tell other wise, the lies are programmed,
lethal like raw ham, we are getting just enough, but we want more man,
I got enough, I rather not give up,
I do not care about status, the times are rough,
all I want to escape this madness,
My thoughts are running.



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We all know Young Buck as a member of world famous hip hop crew G-Unit. Young Buck was rapping since he was 12 years old. It is great that he is giving presents to underprivileged children in his neighbourhood. These rappers feel the responsibility to help those in need.

It is nice that he is willing to make the children happy in this Christmas period.
In Nashville, Tennessee young buck made the underprivileged children happy. He gave away bags filled with toys. I think this will stimulate other rappers to help out the people in need in their hood.

The platinum artist called Young buck sold 1.1 million records only in the U.S. He is no joke. I think this no luck, but it is obvious he puts in hard work to succeed.
The second album of Young Buck was also a success. Young buck introduced a new rapper to G-Unit records called Spider Loc.



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I was bought up with slogans like 'you got to know where you came from to know where you are going' and there is no future without past. I valued these slogans a lot. I recently saw a interview on the national music channel in Holland. In this interview a young Dutch rapper was telling, that he do not know nothing about the old school hip hop.

Although he do not know about the old school rappers and djs. He is not just rapping bogus. I can hear that he grew up listening to Tupac. His rhymes are quite politically and socially conscious. Although he do not know much about the past, when it comes to hip hop music. He knows where he is going. I think he is talking more sense than of those rappers in Holland profile them as the true heads. He has more to contribute to the hip hop scene in Holland than some of the rappers talking about how high they get.

I think he knows a certain era of hip hop. You can hear his ideas about the society.
He is talking about how he is seeing the world through his eyes. It is not just reckless talk. This kid got a vision and he is sharing this with the world. This rapper is called Appa. He is rapping in Dutch.



Sunday, December 16, 2007

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The sky is the limit, without hesitation I will
take hip hop music beyond that, word is bond,
you never heard this song,I belong to the truest heads,
I rock the globe and now it is on, soon to perform,
born to be the strongest, these are pre written freestyles
not off the dome kid, no clones can touch me,
trust me if it is not original, you will fall into a
pitiful rituals of bragging about your sub minimal lyrical content,
I stay calm and pay homage to the vets and get rid of rats,
pitch my texts, the uncut raw I draw no attention, because I am down low,
now I know my flow is tight, Ideas are bright, on the mic my thoughts,
take flight, I invite you to bite my lines, my science is supplying guidance,

Stop and think, there is more of the raw stuff to come,
I got to ink, I sink in my own thoughts, I got to quote the Most High's methods,
anyone who oppose, they not close to the truth, they must be boozed, who is the kid
with the ruthless spit, I would not charge any fee for any of lines you bit,
I can not care who ever you with, My rhymes are actual facts, not a myth,
Your squad can not get with a kid with advanced plans,
your melon blinded, I grind to get my dough, I rhyme to get
this dough, I do not front I am humble bro, will double up
by the next month, I flex my content on the beats,
the sheik from far east say peace.



Friday, December 14, 2007

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In the past I hated to go a club. Especially in the nineties the house music was very famous in Holland. I never could appreciate that kind of music. When my friends wanted to go out, there were times I just refused to join them. People was not seeing what was going on with the house culture. They rather point the finger at the hip hop heads. I was refused into clubs, because I was wearing a baseball cap.


Anyway the majority was concerned about rap music. They was seeing the hip hop fans as weed smoking, graffiti spraying useless people. In the sixties you had the hippies and they were not the average type of citizens. The majority was terrified by these people, while they were out for world peace. I think the hippies were using way more dangerous drugs than the some of the hip hop fans.


I think what the majority can not handle is the truth. Rap music is all about the truth. Rap music is the voice of the urban black/Hispanic youth. They tell you what is going down in their neighborhood. There is drugs, violence and prostitution. It is all about survival. You hear this in their songs. I think there are enough rappers, who are stimulating kids to focus on getting knowledge. These rappers are not only talking about the problem. They also offer you the solution to escape the drugs, violence and crime. This is what hip hop is all about.



Thursday, December 13, 2007

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In 1992 Black Moon released the single, 'who got da props'. Several years later I heard this song. I was very impressed by the beats and the hardcore lyrics. This song is a underground classic. Black Moon signed a record deal with Nervous Records and dropped their first album in 1993. This album is called 'Enta the stage'. I got this record in my collection too bad it has a scratch. This album contains all the bangers such as 'I got cha opin' 'Buck Em Down'.

DJ Evil Dee produced tracks under the name Da Beatminerz with his crew after Black Moon broke up temperarily. Buckshot formed the crew Boot Camp Clik with Smif-N-Wessun, Heltah Skeltah and O.G.C. In 1999 Black Moon released their second album 'War Zone'. Although this album was not successful as the first one. In 2003 Black Moon came out with their third album called Total Eclipse. I think although Black Moon did not have much commercial success, they delivered some dope tracks for the hip hop heads.



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There are few rap artists, who have influenced me to become the person I am. These artists established the foundation for younger generation to become positive persons to take the hip hop culture to the next level. For me is Rakim the greatest of all time. I think his lyrical ability is trend setting and challenging other rappers to be creative.He can entertain the hip hop fans with every and each line he drops. He rules the hip hop scene. He is one of the architects to establish the foundation of hip hop.

Another rapper I consider as one of the establishers of the hip hop foundation is Krs-One. He is a true pioneer. One of the hip hop activists to contribute nothing but positivity to the hip hop community. His new book will be released in 2008. This will help the hip hop heads to increase love, awareness, health and wealth. He is one of the architects.

I think these 2 rappers have influenced the most young rappers nowadays. Rappers like Nas and Raekwon are heavily influenced by Rakim. I think Krs-one is one of the favourite rappers to influence the underground rappers.



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Calm breeze from the east comes in peace,
I got to spit and increase the love and unity,
among the hip hop crowd to begin with, my lines
ignite your third eye to shed light for one and other,
get my bread right, I am a hungry type of brother,
for food for thought, you thought the truth I wrote
can be controlled, no !!!, I fought for my rights and
for the rights of my people, they called me Ghandi,
Mandela and king, the bitter truth for the people in
power, I looked up at the heaven,
called on God in my darkest hour,
I am still fighting the power,

without squeezing clips,
I got to utilize the tools to get chips,
the soloist, you noticed this rhyme,
take time to design and establish the foundation,
for the next school of rappers in this hip hop nation,
I am lacing these lines for the upliftment,
I keep the art authentic, peak the craft, the rhyme
is climaxing, the main attraction is the versatile
rhyme make you relaxing, fake ones are collapsing,
had many snakes sliver around me for that half baked cake,
for hip hop's sake stop faking jacks kid.



Wednesday, December 12, 2007

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Yesterday I pulled this album War Report out of my crate to pump this. This album is one of the greatest albums to come out Queens. The vibe is intoxicating. These two rappers are no joke. They best results are when Capone and Noreaga are rhyming together. The album War Report is flooded with realness. I bought this album around 1997. I am not sure when the album came out. The villains from Queens are shining on this album.

I love the beats. The piano loops are mesmerizing. This is an album to pump it in your living room, kitchen or your car. I think they influenced whole bunch of rappers to be original and rap about the streets. The track 'Blood money' is my favourite track of this album War Report. The New York city can be proud of these rappers.

Capone and Noreaga have solo projects, they both do good. The album War Report remains a classic no doubt about that. I felt this album represents the whole state of mind I was in at that time I bought it. People around me was giving positive reactions about the War Report album.



Tuesday, December 11, 2007

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The freshest rapper to drop a album in 2006. The skateboard kid from Chicago dropped his debut album Food and Liquor in 2006, which was critically acclaimed. He brings hip hop back to a era, where the lyrical content was the main issue in a rap song.
Lupe is coming with a new banger it is going to be named The Cool.
Lupe was influenced by the rapper Nas. In 1996 he heard the Nas' album 'It was written'. This made him to pick up the mic.

At a age of 19 Lupe was signed Epic Records with his crew. The crew was called Da Pak. They only released one single, before they split up. Later on Lupe was signed to Arista Records, but he was dropped from the label. Lupe created an underground fan base, before his debut album came out. He was dropping mixtapes and through the Internet his fans grew towards larger numbers.

Lupe's debut album was produced by Jay-Z, Kanye West, Mike Shinoda and the Neptunes. I like the track with Jill Scott called 'Daydreaming'. This is really a feel good track.



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We all know DMX as one of the Ruff Ryder members. He made some great rap songs, which will go into history as classics. This rap artist is from Yonkers, New York.
DMX has begun rapping since the age of 13. He was asked by Just Ice to beatbox for him. DMX took the name from the early drum machine. Later it became 'Dark Man X'.

The single 'Get at me dog',which was released in 1998 went gold. This was a hype song. The beat was banging. DMX landed on Def Jam in 1997. He dropped the album 'It is dark and hell is hot'. In 1998 DMX dropped the album 'Flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood'. This album was triple platinum. It sold 670.000 copies in the first week.

In December 1999 DMX released the album ' And then there was X'. This album went six times platinum. This album contains the hit single 'Party up'. In 2001 DMX' album 'The great depression' came out. This album went platinum quick, but it was not so commercially successful as the previous albums. In 2003 he released the album 'Grand champ' this album was his 5Th album to hit the NR.1 spot after it is released. After switching labels DMX released the album 'Year of the dog...again' in August of 2006.
In June 2007 DMX dropped the album 'definition of X'.



Monday, December 10, 2007

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Peace the men who build pyramids, the decent of the great rulers of the earth,
gave the birth to man, woman and child, my style is lyrical hieroglyphics,
the ancient scriptures I got to flip into online chips,
my mind have been sick, but the God's Divine power blessed me quick,
now I am on some next scripts, mad slick with the convo,
thick format of my raps the pharaoh from Cairo, that is why I am fly bro,
I spit raw my flow contains the aim of a pro,

I am brought up with thoughts of wisdom my ancestor wrote,
still dress in a sarong, brother like me keep the culture intact,
matter fact the tradition of this Asiatic kid to keep the identity,
nobody robbing me from my ideas, nobody stopping me, there is no hip hop
connection between me and you, Bring you squad, I can show you my tool, I will school and show you how to keep your cool, peep the moves,

you just wannabee like the kid from the island,
my mind is raised in Asia, I am heading back,
I gave up my greedy habit to chase wealth,
What I need is health, I need my freedom,
I need to feed my people, I got to succeed and beat the evil,
I am claiming the ground, the prince of Persia is about to get a darker tan,
read the Bible underneath the coconut tree,I spark my pen,
my arrival has been prophesied, growing with out relatives,
had a kid dramatized, forget that, I got to spit to hit your,
eardrums, kid is about to rip the stage, I fear non.



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Yesterday I was watching CNN. There was a programme dedicated to the people, who are putting much effort to mean something for the next man. I was impressed by the these people, who were honoured by celebs with a award. It is great that there are people, who care about the people in need. I am quite ashamed to see how humanity is suffering from the political ideologies and more.

For example in Sri Lanka there is a war going on. There is a rebel group called LTTE fighting for a independent state within the island. The government have decided to spend 1 billion Euro's on defence. Such a poor country is going to get poorer. I think the government should think about the reason behind the fact, why the rebels are fighting for a independent state.

The Tamil minority in Sri Lanka have been socially, economically and politically been left behind. The nothern Sri Lanka is similar to a ghost town. Now some of the Tamil people see the LTTE rebels as their saviors. How sick is this world. The government is no better than the rebels. I think the individuals, who were honoured by CNN are the true heroes, they take the weight of the world on their shoulder. While the governments and rebels kill each other. I think people do not realize how valuable a human life is. How can people sacrifice a human life to reach their ideals. When it comes this aspect humans are far from developed.



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I think it is dangerous to be a MC. There are so many violence in the hip hop scene. You got to be careful what you say. Either you drops raps in a lyrical format with metaphors some people can interpret it in a different way. Some people take raps literally. In the past I could not care how negative the lyrics were, if the lyrics were flowing nice on the beat, then it was all right.

Now I am looking for more depth in a hip hop song. Hip hop is more than just entertainment. I think rappers can influence the masses for better or worse. I rather listen to rapper, who have some thing positive to contribute to the hip hop culture. I like the songs, which contains diss lyrics. That is all right, but got to be in balance with some mind elevating lyrics.

I rather listen to rapper, who are out to take the art of rapping to the next level artistically. These rappers lay the foundation for the next school of MCees to build further what the past generation of hip hop artist have begun. This way now school rappers can stimulate the next school to be creative and take the art of rapping beyond the boundaries. This way the hip hop culture will evolve as it has been evolving before.



Sunday, December 9, 2007

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Az is on my favourite rappers. I think Az verbalize the vibe in the street so well. I can feel how the things are going down in the streets. The rules, codes are all broken down into plain English. Like the articles forms the chronicle he build his street journal with all the dope verses to keep the hip hop heads entertained. I have been checking out all the albums he dropped. I hardly can choose a favourite. If I have to pick my favourite AZ album is Aziatc my favourite Az album.

This album contains dope productions. The beats reminds me of a tropical island. This album is so fresh. I am pumping this album on dark winter days. The track 'paradise' and 'essence' dominates the album. After releasing more than 6 albums. He remains well respected by the hip hop heads. Despite of the modest commercial success his work is well received by a minority.

I am impressed by Az' wordplay. I think the structure of his rhymes are well build. His rhymes are designed to flow. I can not get enough of the album Aziatic. I will be pumping this album often this winter to get me through this dark winter.



I am only 29 years old I have a whole future front of me. I have mixed feelings about working till I get a pension. I have no problem with working, but I am sure I want to retire early. I am already concerned about the fact working full time till I am 65. Because I want to retire early I am going to invest my money through Diamond Bay.

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It is more than clear how hard Krs-one fights to preserve the hip hop culture. This is quite a battle. I think we as hip hop heads got to support Krs-one and the hip hop culture. We want hip hop culture goes into the world's history as the a independent culture. All though the hip hop culture is exploited by the capitalists and the media, we got to be aware of the fact that hip hop is not what it seems in the videos.

Krs-one pick up the pen to let the world know what hip hop is all about. Krs-one is going to name the book as 'Gospel of Hip hip'. In this book he wants to make the hip hop heads increase love, awareness, health and wealth. This is what the 'Teacha' want to help us with. This book approaches hip hop spiritually and culturally.
Krs-one was the first MC to take hip hop beyond entertainment. As we all know 'you must learn'. It is great the concept of edutainment. This way we can have fun and enjoy are self listening to hip hop music. Also we will be lifted to a higher level intellectually.

How we can help Krs-one to preserve the hip hop culture by changing the world's vision on the hip hop culture. We got let the world know what the true purpose of the hip hop culture is. We got to let the people know that main ingredients for the recipe to get are mouth watering are love, Peace and unity. We got to serve the people with the true flavours. If you want a autographed copy of Krs-one's book 'Gospel of hip hop' you can mail to



Saturday, December 8, 2007

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My sword be flaming, any lame came to claim my thrown,
be taken and blazing, the Asiatic kid be phrasing,
the hope for the hip hop nation, I will be lacing,
ill jewels to keep you from spilling brews,
use to chill with fools, got rid of all of them,
bunch of zombies with no soul, no goal, excuse me my fault,
I use to roll with filth, which is dirty as swain,
the son from the east rather stay humble and survive in the jungle
or the desert, the message is simple the iron lion of Judah
keeps the art authentic, the black Hebrew I thought you knew,

Born in Little Rome of the pearl of the Indian Ocean,
I can not afford to deal with emotions, so long I put
my poetry into motion me and the mic is not be separated like the
rivers and the oceans, melt any frozen heart, because I am nice,
I repersent the true colors from the melanin, rather eat 3 times a day
fish and rice, I keep the content relevant,
from Zion to Cairo, I got to flow like the Nile though, I got to stay fly bro,
get this dough to survive yo! I breathe with a heart of a lion,
while you keep trying, I think and ink the dopiest lines,
I told you before I am not buying non of that you supplying,



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My all time anthem got to be C.R.E.A.M. I love this song, this song explains what it takes to survive in this modern day society. Awhile ago I was so hopeful about my future. I was working part time and had in mind to get a higher education. I thought first of all I wanted to work full time for awhile and by February I want to get into college to study part time.

The plans are all into dust now. I got a full time job at a call center. The first 2 weeks it was the training. When the real work started I had enough after 3 days. What I exactly had to is helping out the customers with problems with their T.V, Internet and Telephone. I thought this is going to be a piece of cake. Guess not.

First of all the most customers are irritated, when they ring the service. I am not going to mess up my head with that type of work. I decided not to continue with that job. I have applied for several jobs even at McDonald's. I know this does not pay much, but hey so long a I have a income. So it is pretty obvious that Cash Rules Evey thing Around Me. Now I experience how Important a good education is. If I was realizing this ten years ago. I would be a corporate slave probably working for Coca Cola as an account manager. But I have found that every thing happens for a reason. I am going to invest my time to learn making money online.



Thursday, December 6, 2007

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MTV played a big part in the evolution of the hip hop culture. MTV have been giving the talented rappers a chance to shine. I think this is great. MTV know darn well where the money is. If music genre is a subculture, they will turn it into a mainstream culture. That is what they did to hip hop. I think it is great that some rappers get the chance to become multi millionaires. MTV in Holland is quite alternative. Mostly they play rock and house music. They used to have a hip hop show.

Anyway MTV Holland air the MTV's celebrity rap superstar show. I think this show is hilarious. The jury is sharp. I saw that Sebastian Bach rapped the LL Cool J's song 'Momma said knock you out'. He gave a mad rock influence to it. I found him way better than Kid Rock rapping. I think this concept is original. Nowadays everybody trying to get piece of the hip hop scene. They all want to be down.
Awhile ago politician and police in Holland try to bridge the gap with the youth by forming a cypher on the streets. This way the politicians and the police in Holland are trying to invite the youth to discuss the problems in rhyme. So what once the voice of the urban black youth was is copied by the people in power to communicate with the youth.

MTV now making fun out of the celebs with this show Mtv's celebrity rap superstar. I think MTV's celebrity rap superstar show is great. I have fun watching these celebs trying to spit the famous rap songs. Last time even Huge Hefner was in the house with his playboy bunny squadron.



Wednesday, December 5, 2007

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I get on the mic and spit the hits off my dome, all right,
It is all tight like a skirt on nurse, I got a huge hunger,
when it comes to getting bread and staying at least 10 steps ahead the rest,
I do not guess, I practice to be the best, my tactics are blessed,
I am quite sure, it is not about whipping a Lex, I throw texts at non believers,
make them receivers of my lines, I go deeper, I am my brothers keeper,
all you sleepers are dreaming, I am dreaming while I work at it,
you heard I got the habit like Rakim, because I am Asiatic,

The versatile lyricist, the realest you could not deal with the truth,
I do not have to be rude, I stand and deliver you have no clue, I am so smooth,
when it comes to wrecking grooves on loops, I got the right tools,
I might fool these rappers with my moves,
I ignite the braincells, I am born to reign,
every region of the globe, my raps are soulful,
the dope vocals, yet to be a online mogul, keep my people,
hopeful, the lyricist with the international allure, not local.



Sunday, December 2, 2007

In 1998 I got into college. I was working part time at a record store. Although I could not pay all my bills. I was living on my own. This is kind of expensive.
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