Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yesterday I pulled this album War Report out of my crate to pump this. This album is one of the greatest albums to come out Queens. The vibe is intoxicating. These two rappers are no joke. They best results are when Capone and Noreaga are rhyming together. The album War Report is flooded with realness. I bought this album around 1997. I am not sure when the album came out. The villains from Queens are shining on this album.

I love the beats. The piano loops are mesmerizing. This is an album to pump it in your living room, kitchen or your car. I think they influenced whole bunch of rappers to be original and rap about the streets. The track 'Blood money' is my favourite track of this album War Report. The New York city can be proud of these rappers.

Capone and Noreaga have solo projects, they both do good. The album War Report remains a classic no doubt about that. I felt this album represents the whole state of mind I was in at that time I bought it. People around me was giving positive reactions about the War Report album.


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