Sunday, December 9, 2007

Az is on my favourite rappers. I think Az verbalize the vibe in the street so well. I can feel how the things are going down in the streets. The rules, codes are all broken down into plain English. Like the articles forms the chronicle he build his street journal with all the dope verses to keep the hip hop heads entertained. I have been checking out all the albums he dropped. I hardly can choose a favourite. If I have to pick my favourite AZ album is Aziatc my favourite Az album.

This album contains dope productions. The beats reminds me of a tropical island. This album is so fresh. I am pumping this album on dark winter days. The track 'paradise' and 'essence' dominates the album. After releasing more than 6 albums. He remains well respected by the hip hop heads. Despite of the modest commercial success his work is well received by a minority.

I am impressed by Az' wordplay. I think the structure of his rhymes are well build. His rhymes are designed to flow. I can not get enough of the album Aziatic. I will be pumping this album often this winter to get me through this dark winter.


Giga December 20, 2007 at 9:58 AM  

I must say AZ has to be one of the most gifted lyric geniuses of all time. He may not be known to most hip hop fans due to him being over-shadowed by ring-tone rappers, but for those who know their hip hop very well will know that AZ can be put into the best rappers in the world. I'm glad he has NaS on his new album with "Queens". I can't wait for that album to drop.

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