Sunday, December 9, 2007

It is more than clear how hard Krs-one fights to preserve the hip hop culture. This is quite a battle. I think we as hip hop heads got to support Krs-one and the hip hop culture. We want hip hop culture goes into the world's history as the a independent culture. All though the hip hop culture is exploited by the capitalists and the media, we got to be aware of the fact that hip hop is not what it seems in the videos.

Krs-one pick up the pen to let the world know what hip hop is all about. Krs-one is going to name the book as 'Gospel of Hip hip'. In this book he wants to make the hip hop heads increase love, awareness, health and wealth. This is what the 'Teacha' want to help us with. This book approaches hip hop spiritually and culturally.
Krs-one was the first MC to take hip hop beyond entertainment. As we all know 'you must learn'. It is great the concept of edutainment. This way we can have fun and enjoy are self listening to hip hop music. Also we will be lifted to a higher level intellectually.

How we can help Krs-one to preserve the hip hop culture by changing the world's vision on the hip hop culture. We got let the world know what the true purpose of the hip hop culture is. We got to let the people know that main ingredients for the recipe to get are mouth watering are love, Peace and unity. We got to serve the people with the true flavours. If you want a autographed copy of Krs-one's book 'Gospel of hip hop' you can mail to


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