Monday, December 10, 2007

Peace the men who build pyramids, the decent of the great rulers of the earth,
gave the birth to man, woman and child, my style is lyrical hieroglyphics,
the ancient scriptures I got to flip into online chips,
my mind have been sick, but the God's Divine power blessed me quick,
now I am on some next scripts, mad slick with the convo,
thick format of my raps the pharaoh from Cairo, that is why I am fly bro,
I spit raw my flow contains the aim of a pro,

I am brought up with thoughts of wisdom my ancestor wrote,
still dress in a sarong, brother like me keep the culture intact,
matter fact the tradition of this Asiatic kid to keep the identity,
nobody robbing me from my ideas, nobody stopping me, there is no hip hop
connection between me and you, Bring you squad, I can show you my tool, I will school and show you how to keep your cool, peep the moves,

you just wannabee like the kid from the island,
my mind is raised in Asia, I am heading back,
I gave up my greedy habit to chase wealth,
What I need is health, I need my freedom,
I need to feed my people, I got to succeed and beat the evil,
I am claiming the ground, the prince of Persia is about to get a darker tan,
read the Bible underneath the coconut tree,I spark my pen,
my arrival has been prophesied, growing with out relatives,
had a kid dramatized, forget that, I got to spit to hit your,
eardrums, kid is about to rip the stage, I fear non.


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