Thursday, December 27, 2007

I am excited. I wrote few months ago I am going to contact the producer I worked with before. I have second thoughts about this matter. I am thinking about using instrumentals to practice. I write once and a while rhymes on this blog. I love this. I am going to use these rhymes to practice. The reason why I have second thoughts about working with a producer is. I think he is less motivated to gain some attention from the local hip hop fans.

I am not depending on anybody. I can now buy beats online. I am going to buy beats from Da Rockwilder. I am really glad about this service what Da Rockwilder offers.
I am going to hire a place to practice at the local community center. It is going to be on in 2008. I am going to take it easy. I got to practice for quite some time, before I am going to perform.

I love performing, this time I am going to experience the rush of performing. It is no problem to get instrumentals to practice. I was so worried about getting dope beats. I have nothing to worry about no more. Da Rockwilder is not just the average producer. He is a Grammy award winning producer This is like a dream coming though. That anybody can buy Da Rockwilders beats online.


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