Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I got to hit you with the scripture,
you noticed, who stays focused, my wordplay is no joke,
what I spit off with my golden tongue is dope,
you want to smoke it and feel in your longs,
My name is Prasanga, bring the heat, the sun god,
light up the globe, ignite the cells in your every lobe,
I am everything but average, I am thinking,
my thoughts are converted into words, what I am inking
will be carried on eagle wings, you heard, can you link?

serve you with the greatest flavours, certainly genuine,
the true colors from the melanin, man I am into,
chasing my dreams making my cream, dollar signs
in my eyes stays green, you know what I mean,
my name is MeanGreen I fiend for the mic like Rakim,
I stay fly in my fitted, I drop rhymes with no gimmicks,
I give the wicked cats the holy spirit,
the God's disciple you are fearing, all the real rappers Cheer it,
you for real?
you do not know nothing really!! I am a lyricist in the mist,
not seen or heard, I give you my waterfall of words,


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