Tuesday, December 11, 2007

If you are a rap artist and you are expecting to sign a record deal. Then there are so much things you should know before you sign that record deal. I think it is in your advantage to read all the tiny letters before you sign. The record companies are capitalists. They are out for that cut so you got to be careful.If you are going to sign to a independent label you should ask the label if they distribute the record on the national level. You might want to ask questions like Did the label had any problems with getting paid by their distributor? These things are important to find out about.

You got to be aware about merchandise, publishing, advertising. One of the most important thing is to find out how much you get paid for every record sold. There are things you should be aware about when you are signing to indie record label and there are issues you should be aware about, when you signing to a major record label.
There are too much things you should know about. I found this site called Musicbizacadamy.com. Click here to find out about all the issues you should know before signing a record deal.


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