Sunday, December 16, 2007

The sky is the limit, without hesitation I will
take hip hop music beyond that, word is bond,
you never heard this song,I belong to the truest heads,
I rock the globe and now it is on, soon to perform,
born to be the strongest, these are pre written freestyles
not off the dome kid, no clones can touch me,
trust me if it is not original, you will fall into a
pitiful rituals of bragging about your sub minimal lyrical content,
I stay calm and pay homage to the vets and get rid of rats,
pitch my texts, the uncut raw I draw no attention, because I am down low,
now I know my flow is tight, Ideas are bright, on the mic my thoughts,
take flight, I invite you to bite my lines, my science is supplying guidance,

Stop and think, there is more of the raw stuff to come,
I got to ink, I sink in my own thoughts, I got to quote the Most High's methods,
anyone who oppose, they not close to the truth, they must be boozed, who is the kid
with the ruthless spit, I would not charge any fee for any of lines you bit,
I can not care who ever you with, My rhymes are actual facts, not a myth,
Your squad can not get with a kid with advanced plans,
your melon blinded, I grind to get my dough, I rhyme to get
this dough, I do not front I am humble bro, will double up
by the next month, I flex my content on the beats,
the sheik from far east say peace.


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