Monday, December 10, 2007

Yesterday I was watching CNN. There was a programme dedicated to the people, who are putting much effort to mean something for the next man. I was impressed by the these people, who were honoured by celebs with a award. It is great that there are people, who care about the people in need. I am quite ashamed to see how humanity is suffering from the political ideologies and more.

For example in Sri Lanka there is a war going on. There is a rebel group called LTTE fighting for a independent state within the island. The government have decided to spend 1 billion Euro's on defence. Such a poor country is going to get poorer. I think the government should think about the reason behind the fact, why the rebels are fighting for a independent state.

The Tamil minority in Sri Lanka have been socially, economically and politically been left behind. The nothern Sri Lanka is similar to a ghost town. Now some of the Tamil people see the LTTE rebels as their saviors. How sick is this world. The government is no better than the rebels. I think the individuals, who were honoured by CNN are the true heroes, they take the weight of the world on their shoulder. While the governments and rebels kill each other. I think people do not realize how valuable a human life is. How can people sacrifice a human life to reach their ideals. When it comes this aspect humans are far from developed.


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