Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Dark Matter moving at the speed of light,
Yes indeed it is right, you weeded and trying to spit tight,
and repeating, what you have bit all night,
I go back and return with loads of inspiration,
I do not act non chalant about the fact
that you can not rap, you are trapped
by the label, your rhymes are fairy tales,
you are cursing to get more sales, Oh well,
You never felt the realest kids around,
I am rhyming for fun, I get paid to rhyme too,
did you realized the fact I never been blinded
by women, whips or chips, I rip countless mics,
Quite nice from my fitted to my Nikes,

You never thought a kid with a low profile,
could come with rhymes that flows like the Nile,
rappers do not want walk a mile, in my shoes,
they would give up and get confused my moves
on loops are the prove, That I can groove
And spit the truth, the realistically written
feel the mystic of verbal linguistic,
who guarantee to rip it, I do not sing hits
like Minnie Riperton, I bring the true colors
through my rhymes my lines are shining on
your dome like the sun, I told you this is
fun to me, all those rich whack rappers repeating
lines like parrots they bums to P.


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