Sunday, December 30, 2007

I love this song. I think the lyrics are so dope. From the beginning to the end it is so amazing. The Grimm reaper comes up with some unforgettable lines. For example the line 'I am calling all the poor and the meak to fight back'. This is a revolutionary mindstate. The next world war is not going to be about religous issues or racial issues. It is going to be war between the poor and the rich.

I think the Grimm reaper is right. One of the memorable lines of this song is 'I am ancient as Amen'. This song is filled with original and creative rhymes. The Gravediggaz are great. I love the dark vibe of the Gravediggaz with the nice metaphores.

I hope they drop another albumn soon. Everybody who slept on the Gravediggaz check out the track Dangerous mindz. Click here to check out this track. It will give a idea of the potential what this super group have.


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