Thursday, December 20, 2007

The most rap artists have dropped a mixtape, before their album hits the stores. The rappers drop mixtapes to supply more edgier material to the fans. This way rappers can keep in touch with their original fan base, which is very important especially when rappers are at the start of their career. Mixtapes became a basic method to gain more attention.

Mixtapes are not new to the hip hop culture, but the underground ritual of putting out DJ produced compilations are now also hitting the mainstream. It is possible to get the mixtapes online, at small retail shops and now some mixtapes are free to download. Once these mixtapes were restricted for the hardcore fans, but not any more. 50 Cent was credited for the revolutionary approach after he was dropped by his label Colombia Records. In stead of shopping a demo, he flooded the Streets with mixtapes. This way he convinced the labels that he got the material what the people want to hear. 50 Cent made the label fight with each other to sign 50 Cent. One of the main figures to put out mixtapes since 1990 is DJ Clue. He gave the people a of taste Jay-Z, LOX, Cam'ron and 50 Cent.

Because the mixtapes are put out regionally it is important to have credibility in the local scene. The record labels encourage putting out mixtapes and appearing on DJ produced compilations, because if an artist appears on a mixtape of a famous mixtape mover, then it means this artist has arrived on the scene. Mixtapes are the perfect way to draw attention from the labels and get them to invest in new artists.


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