Monday, December 17, 2007

I was bought up with slogans like 'you got to know where you came from to know where you are going' and there is no future without past. I valued these slogans a lot. I recently saw a interview on the national music channel in Holland. In this interview a young Dutch rapper was telling, that he do not know nothing about the old school hip hop.

Although he do not know about the old school rappers and djs. He is not just rapping bogus. I can hear that he grew up listening to Tupac. His rhymes are quite politically and socially conscious. Although he do not know much about the past, when it comes to hip hop music. He knows where he is going. I think he is talking more sense than of those rappers in Holland profile them as the true heads. He has more to contribute to the hip hop scene in Holland than some of the rappers talking about how high they get.

I think he knows a certain era of hip hop. You can hear his ideas about the society.
He is talking about how he is seeing the world through his eyes. It is not just reckless talk. This kid got a vision and he is sharing this with the world. This rapper is called Appa. He is rapping in Dutch.


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