Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The freshest rapper to drop a album in 2006. The skateboard kid from Chicago dropped his debut album Food and Liquor in 2006, which was critically acclaimed. He brings hip hop back to a era, where the lyrical content was the main issue in a rap song.
Lupe is coming with a new banger it is going to be named The Cool.
Lupe was influenced by the rapper Nas. In 1996 he heard the Nas' album 'It was written'. This made him to pick up the mic.

At a age of 19 Lupe was signed Epic Records with his crew. The crew was called Da Pak. They only released one single, before they split up. Later on Lupe was signed to Arista Records, but he was dropped from the label. Lupe created an underground fan base, before his debut album came out. He was dropping mixtapes and through the Internet his fans grew towards larger numbers.

Lupe's debut album was produced by Jay-Z, Kanye West, Mike Shinoda and the Neptunes. I like the track with Jill Scott called 'Daydreaming'. This is really a feel good track.


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