Thursday, December 13, 2007

There are few rap artists, who have influenced me to become the person I am. These artists established the foundation for younger generation to become positive persons to take the hip hop culture to the next level. For me is Rakim the greatest of all time. I think his lyrical ability is trend setting and challenging other rappers to be creative.He can entertain the hip hop fans with every and each line he drops. He rules the hip hop scene. He is one of the architects to establish the foundation of hip hop.

Another rapper I consider as one of the establishers of the hip hop foundation is Krs-One. He is a true pioneer. One of the hip hop activists to contribute nothing but positivity to the hip hop community. His new book will be released in 2008. This will help the hip hop heads to increase love, awareness, health and wealth. He is one of the architects.

I think these 2 rappers have influenced the most young rappers nowadays. Rappers like Nas and Raekwon are heavily influenced by Rakim. I think Krs-one is one of the favourite rappers to influence the underground rappers.


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