Monday, December 17, 2007

Some brag about the blunts they smoke, guns they blow,
they can not come with the raw type rhymes to steal the show,
what the deal bro? you can not understand the simple fact
that every action has a reaction? money never been the main attraction
for me, watch what you say, please do not abuse the English language
with reckless word play, the foundation is laid, you get played,
I made my way out of hell, I desire to reach the paradise,
where I am born, although gun are bombs are blowing on my island,
how come? too many reasons to sum up, ideologies make people come with
their guns tucked, they rather buck, we should think and practices peace,
who is willing to reach the blind masses? the individual with the lyrical
formats to pass the wisdom, the system is sacrificing young lives, we turning
into ashes,

I stay sober, but my natural high supply me the insight,
we are scared to dream for pennies we scheme, I fiend
to change my country into garden of Eden,
like it is meant to be, the Gods people created equal,
the brown skin Asiatic people, the descendants of civilized
no body can tell other wise, the lies are programmed,
lethal like raw ham, we are getting just enough, but we want more man,
I got enough, I rather not give up,
I do not care about status, the times are rough,
all I want to escape this madness,
My thoughts are running.


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