Saturday, December 1, 2007

This grimy duo is one of the nicest underground acts. They are known for their aggressive type of rhymes. I can tell you when it comes to kicking rhymes like this they are not to mess with. M.O.P is signed to G-Unit. M.O.P stands for Mash Out Posse, this hardcore rap group comes from Brownsville, Brooklyn.

Billy Danze and Lil'Fame are childhood friends, they were looking for a way to express their self. They formed Mash Out Posse to let the world know, what they got on their mind. In 1993 they had the underground success with the single 'How about some hardcore'. Which appeared on the sound track of House party 3.

One of my favourite M.O.P joints is 'Cold as Ice'. The sample is banging. The sample is from a song of Foreigner. The track has much flavour, because of the high pitch sample. I think they make the true vibe of the streets of Brooklyn visual through their music. In 1994 M.O.P released the album 'To The Death', in 1996 they released the album 'Firing squad'. In 1998 they released the EP 'Handle Ur Bizness'.
In. In 1998 M.O.P came with the album 'First Family for life'. In 2000 they came with another album called 'Warriorz', In 2004 they dropped 'Mash Out Posse'. 2005 they dropped 'St. Marxmen'. In 2006 they dropped 'Ghetto Warfare'


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