Saturday, December 8, 2007

My sword be flaming, any lame came to claim my thrown,
be taken and blazing, the Asiatic kid be phrasing,
the hope for the hip hop nation, I will be lacing,
ill jewels to keep you from spilling brews,
use to chill with fools, got rid of all of them,
bunch of zombies with no soul, no goal, excuse me my fault,
I use to roll with filth, which is dirty as swain,
the son from the east rather stay humble and survive in the jungle
or the desert, the message is simple the iron lion of Judah
keeps the art authentic, the black Hebrew I thought you knew,

Born in Little Rome of the pearl of the Indian Ocean,
I can not afford to deal with emotions, so long I put
my poetry into motion me and the mic is not be separated like the
rivers and the oceans, melt any frozen heart, because I am nice,
I repersent the true colors from the melanin, rather eat 3 times a day
fish and rice, I keep the content relevant,
from Zion to Cairo, I got to flow like the Nile though, I got to stay fly bro,
get this dough to survive yo! I breathe with a heart of a lion,
while you keep trying, I think and ink the dopiest lines,
I told you before I am not buying non of that you supplying,


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