Friday, December 28, 2007

I slam with words verbalize to visualize,
the facts you never heard, forget about herbs,
my natural high is more euphoric,
the epic written with vivid words, I got to
spit these words, since birth it is
pre-destined for me the drop hits,
do not be silly ain't no philly
can get you to a higher level,
the lyrically taller than a giant,
I am a rebel, serving major rhymes
on base and treble, the amazing,
blazing rapper, building like a Maison,
The foundation to keep the culture,
far away for the vultures,
shape and from your minds like a sculpture,
take it above the norm, It is on!!!!

I am raised at the shore, I do not play
at all, these soft comedians on the mic,
try to strike with a funny style,
my rhymes are serious, masses are like
Rutger Hauer, swinging swords out of fury,
so chill child, check out the rhymes
I brought , the thoughts I wrote
to drop it on the beat, yes indeed,
your greed is dangerous, so peep
the pattern to get a profit,
I got to give up props to pioneers,
in hip hop forget about pop hits,


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