Sunday, December 30, 2007

Recently I downloaded Fruityloops. This software is ground breaking, that is what I heard. I am not really into making beats. I have bought Cubasis back in the days, but I never got around to make beats with it. I can not find any time to learn the software.

That is the same thing with fruityloops. I am a lyricist and I like to rhyme. I love that more than making beats. I do not have to worry about finding beats to rhyme on. There are services online which I can use to buy beats. If anyone want to make hip hop beats on your PC,then I would mos def give the Fruityloops a try.

I just spend a bit of my time to get to know the functions of Fruityloops. I was not motivated enough to focus on making beats. If you want to make hip hop beats. I would check out the site of Fruityloops. You can download the trial version for free.
Click here to download the trial version of Fruityloops for free.


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