Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Yo this is one the rugged duo's in the hip hop history, Prodigy and Havoc are coming out of Queens, and they are representing it to the fullest. At the first time they came out with their debut album Juvenile Hell they were proving a point that young cats can flow and put down the dope metaphores just like them older cats.

I could hear that they were hungry at the time their second album came out. It was obvious they were promising. They were mostly rapping about what kids in urban America is going through. You could hear they were angry at the world. Most of all they saw the oppertunity to propel with doing the things they love that is making dope rap songs.

They worked with big names such as Nas, Reakwon, Q-tip, Kool G Rap, Lil' Kim and many more. My favourite collabo is on the Infamous album called 'Your beef is mine'
This track has a little bit of that Wu-Tanggy flavour to it. On the album 'Hell on earth' the duo was rocking those Chris Lighty beats with help of few guest appearences.



Monday, July 30, 2007

What are a lots of rappers claiming nowadays, that you have to bust you gun, sell drugs to keep it real. What is real? the opinions can vary. Some say keeping it real is being hardcore and versatile. For every rapper it can be something else that term 'keeping it real'. For a rapper that truly lived the life of a player. He can tranlate his experiences into musical form.

A teacher that happens to rap he can educate the listners with wise words and entertain them as well. I think that is 'keeping it real'. If he realize that he does not have to fool the audience by playing a roll like an actor, but representing his back ground and stimulating the listners to study and become wise like that rapper with a teaching background, then this is keeping it real.

I know a few rappers that come with original lyrics and inspires the listners to become more aware about their social and economical oppertunities. Not to point fingers, but to be independent and go out there and grab the chances that there are. That is 'keeping it real'



Sunday, July 29, 2007

You know how serious kids from the Bronx are about hip hop. Since they started this hip hop culture, they are far from lazy to deliver the dopest lyrics and rhymes to the listners. One my favourite Bronxs group is Camp Lo. The debut album got so much attention from the underground hip hop listners it became an instant classic.

They are coming soon with a new album. It is called 'Black Hollywood'. You need to check that out. It is going to be banging. The hit track 'luchini' gave us the taste of real Bronx vibe.



Saturday, July 28, 2007

This rapper from Chicago got his name known all over the globe in a short perode of time. I knew Mr. West as a producer. Since the College dropout album,his name is a fact in the hip hop world. No one can not afford to mention his name when they mention Rocafella or when they talk about rappers from Chicago.

In 2004 at the time when I heard the track 'trough the wire' I knew the reason why Roc signed him. What ever track Kanye touches, it turns gold. From the cultural perspective Kanye West has lot to offer to the Hip hop community. Tracks like 'Jesus walks' is a track that got him to the top of the charts.

On the track called 'classic' he spit on a beat with Rakim, Krs-one and Nas. This track, which is produced by Primo Kanye proves he can keep up with all the big names of the rap game.



Friday, July 27, 2007

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

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At the time I got to know A Tribe called quest I got to know music of De La Soul.
I was into that whole Native Tounge Movement. While the gangsta rap was taking the chart with commercial hits, you had groups like De La Soul also getting into the charts with underground hits.

In the begining people thought that De La soul was a crossover hippie formation.
That was not true, because they represent the hip hop culture well, with funny lyrics and most of all they displayed positivity in their raps.

The innovation is one of the keywords to describe De La soul. You can hear that they influenced groups such as Black eyed Peas and Digable Planets.
Since De La Soul dropped their debut album 3 feet high and rising they were on the map.



Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yo I guarentee to flow, the low pro, twice rawer than before
I am dropping this for my peeps, from Holland to Asia,
blazing phrases, amazing flavours to get the major paper,
I making moves on grooves, busting this on loops, here is the proof,
I tear off the roof, I take the inspiration to the booth, From smallest villiages
to the livest hood, I supply this like it should, You read this, good!!!

I set the mood, I bet you this rhyme I made this,
I bubble like crys, who you try to diss?
you might mis, I stick to the art of MCing,
check out the supreme mathematics from this Asiatic being,
you are not seeing, the facts, you do not know how to act,
you style of rhymes are totally wack, that is that.

So forget about jewels and cars, my mind is designed to shine
brighter than a star, I master this, I blast lyrics and get chips
It ain't about who I am with, I uplift the b-boys and fly girls,
I am not about getting-rich-quick, you heard, If you with me say word!



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I think the most dangerous mistake the youth makes it getting dropped out of the college, me personally I was so focusing on starting a career as a rapper, that I was not realising how important an education was. At that time I was surrounded by people, who were not that focused on a career. I blame my self that I couldn't realize, that getting a higher education will get me a good job.

I now think any kid, who is busy with rapping, DJing or with another element of hip hop should realize to also focus on an education just as on their artistic talents. Don't become a broke rapper or what ever, become financial stable then you can invest in your future as a rapper, DJ, breaker or a graf writer.

As education gives you the best oppertunity for a good job, you will have money to invest in recording a demo or you even can run your own independent record label. So think as an entrepreneur and learn then you can work out the theory. Sky is the limit.



Tuesday, July 24, 2007

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This is one my favourite posse tracks. Krs-one knows how to blaze a track with guests.
This track is well produced with extra swiftness. Real New York vibe. You can feel the vibe from the street of NYC translated well into musical state-of-art.

Krs-one rocks the track with Cam'ron, Buckshot, Rev run, Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Redman, Keith Murry, Killah Priest. These rappers show you what the real New York state of mind is.

At that time that track came out, it was on a sound track. I pumped it over and over, I am still pumping it and I also check that video out on You Tube. If you know Krs-one you got to get to know him better by Checking out the Five Boroughs track.



Monday, July 23, 2007

More than 2 decades later Bronx is claimed as the official birthplace of Hip Hop.
What pioneers such as Kool Herc started.Now the kids all over the whole world is part of this.I know without pioneers like Kool herc there would not be anything such as hip hop.

I am glad that Bronx is gaining recognition for that hip hop is born there.1520 sedgwick Av. is the official birthplace of hip hop. On Monday 23 of July is the celebration held. The senator and other government officials will join the tenants and musicians.

I think the kids from the Bronx can be proud of the fact that their hood is the birthplace, also the New York City and of course USA



Sunday, July 22, 2007

It started with 2 turntables and a microphone. The work of the DJs enormously influenced other music genras such as Techno, house, Hardstyle, Hardcore. In Europe you can see that lots of kids who was spinning hip hop records crossed over to spinning House music. These kids learned the techniques from spinning hip hop records.

Not only the sounds were adpoted by genras such as Trip hop, Trance and techno, but also the producing techniques. I personally know a kid, who listen to lot of hip hop, but he is a House DJ. He recently bought a gadget called Tork, which makes him able to scratch with MP3s.

Although some claim hip hop is not real music,because it contains sex and voilence.
I know for sure it is an art. I am not the only one. The critics only hear the mainstream raps. They need to check out the underground stuff.



Friday, July 20, 2007

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007



Monday, July 16, 2007

Word, I checked out a gangstarr song 'Mass Appeal' today I forgot how dope Dj Premier can produce. I like Gangstarr because this hip hop duo is wonderful, the voice of Guru on Primo's beats are undisputed. These pioneers has dominated the undergroung and the charts for about 20 years, I hope they will not go any where.

For real the piano loop is more soulful than a John Legend record. I know there are only a few who got skills like Gangstarr. I saw Gangstarr in Amsterdam they were rocking, there was some technical difficulties with Primo's turntables, they fixed that within minutes.

These pioneers keeps the art of rapping and DJing authenic, the b-boys and fly-girls give much props to the ultimate duo of hip hop.



Sunday, July 15, 2007

I am huge freestyle fan. I admire the rappers that can bust a verse from top off their dome. This require pure skills. I always wanted to bust raps off my dome, till now I can freestyle a little bit. A little bit is not enough for me so I am practicing for about everyday.

You might think this dude is getting on the mic everyday after putting on a beat, No I practice on my bike, while I am on my way to my work. Some people look at like that cat is crazy. I don't care, but once and while I check out if there are any bikers are behind me.

I find out that I am constantly repeating the same rhyme words. I can not get to rhyme on new rhyme words. It is like a game of chess you must think before you move. I think I have to keep on busting freestyles to drop longer freestyles.



Saturday, July 14, 2007

This is the time to wake the jokers, who think they are already a legend because they dropped 8 album in 10 years, please!!!!
It is really not the quantity that matters, to be on the top of the game you need to strive to be like Rakim qua lyrics and flow.

Then you can claim your self a legend, anybody who knows Rakim, they know this MC stands for originality, positivity, creativity and everthing what an averige rappers are not.
He is in the game of rap more than 20 years, and he continues to rock the mic and move the crowd like a evacutation. The so called Afrocentric Asian is the most charismatic props getter ever. I have not heard any rapper yet of this kind of lyrical swiftness.

I saw Rakim live in Amsterdam in 1998, I can tell you he ain't no joke. You might think he only sounds dope on wax or whatever, not...!!!!!. Live on stage he gets you moving. I know Rakim's music since the early '90. Since the Album 18th letter dropped , he became my favourite of all time.



Thursday, July 12, 2007

I know that A Tribe Called Quest broke up, went seperate ways and they do they own thing. I love A.T.C.Q, my favourite is without a doubt is Phife. I like the straight-in-your-face, without being subtile funny metaphores he brings, the live vibe from queens to his audience.

He know how to rock the mic with dope lyrics and with A.T.C.Q they a created a strong foundation for all the underground heads to gain international recognition.

I know I was inspired by Phife, I tried to be funny in my rhymes, I want to make people think about my rhymes, before they understood it. It is too bad that A.T.C.Q broke up, but they can rock mic without forming a group.



Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I am not a big Roccafella fan, they are prominant in the game of rap, they litteraly went from rags to riches. Damon Dash is a dope producer, it was obvious on the second album of Cam'ron,
The beats he produced with Diggs were off the meter.

These beats are grimy street anthems with catchy piano loops that give you a real live flavour of the hip hop at that time. At that time the album came out I copped it. First of all I can not imagine why another album of Cam'Ron can not set the same vibe as he did with S.D.E .

Some how no other album could convince me of the quality the S.D.E got, I will keep pumping this album for a long time.



Tuesday, July 10, 2007

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ANDRE 3000

Monday, July 9, 2007

If you know the notorious Outkast form Altanta,
then you know Andre 3000, If you are a fan of Outkast then you can not deny that Andre 3000 as a solo artist is not doing bad either.
I remember that the first album of Outkast came out. It was the dopest act from the dirty south that broke through, the hit song called 'southernplayalisticcadillacmuzic' will be know as the ballers anthem for that era.
How ever Andre 3000 is coming out with a new album, This album contains music from his animated serie Class of 3000. That is what reports. The album is released on July 3rd, name of the album is Class of 3000:music vol 1



Sunday, July 8, 2007

I search for alot of hip hop blogs. I have founds a few interesting blogs. I love to visit those blogs. Most blogs I visit is filled with rich content. I can not resist to return to those blogs. I just visited this blog this is a great blog with chuncky info about all the hot tracks from new artists and old artists.

If any album from any artist is about to come out soon, you can find these info over here. For all the heads this is the place to be. Either you are an underground head looking for the newest release from your favourite artist, you can find it here.

If you are a beginning artist you want to get more attention from listeners at you can request this. You can get to know about artists, because there are alot of interviews on this blog. There are alot of interesting articles you can browse through.



Friday, July 6, 2007

I know this is not fair to the artist who has worked hard to put his album together, and since the internet provides sources of free downloads, record sales has dropped by 21% this year.

The country I am from the VAT are quite high for records. Comparing to books this is too high.
There have been some discussions in the media in Holland that these VAT going to be reduced.
I can not understand why the governments can not set rules and regulations for downloading.
I will not go further blogging about this matter.

Here I got a great site where you can download lots of hip hop, famous artists to less famous artists, from DJ Premier to Tradigy Khadafi. I mean there are enough choise. I you think I want to download Lil' wayne you can download it here. Go to
and check out the digital record crate the is offering you.



Thursday, July 5, 2007

Yo! this is one of the dopest albums which is produced by DJ Premier. Illmatic album remains timeless. This album took Nas from a hood celeb to world wide lyrical mogul. I think Nas took QBC to a major plateau and gained respect from underground hip hop head to mainsream music listner.

This album Illmatic is the album with most dopest beats What Nas ever dropped. I think it is because Primo produced this. I have been rapping from 1995 to 1999 from then to till now I never picked up a mic again.

Back in my mind I got the urge to practice and work on my mic skills again, you know just for fun. So I asked a friend of mine to bless with with some dope beats, in this case I asked him if he can get his hands on instrumentals from Nas' album Illmatic. Yo! I got it, now I can write some lyrics and spit some supreme mathmatical rhymes. Word!!



Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Back in the days, when I first started listen to hip hop music. I thought it was all about being a gangster, thug and tough. I got to admit I was really misleaded. I never could imagine, that there was a reality outside the hip hop scene. I start hanging with kids who act a certain way.

What I regret is that I never had a clear vision about getting a higher education, while I can learn with ease. I was not surrounded by some one that was successful, all I needed was some guidence. My parents warned me about the lifestyle I was living. I was misleaded by gangsta rappers that claimed being a thug was all right.

I don't blame hip hop music. I blame my self for believing these rappers. I did all the illegal things that I thought that was cool. Till I got kicked out the house my life changed drasticly.
All the so called friends were no where to be found. I am glad that those chaps are not in my network.

I got it nice right now, I got a job, I live with my parents, I got a nice girl friend. I continue to tribute to the hip hop community, by warning the kids that they should see through all the movie rolls some of the rappers are playing. That hip hop community got nothing to do with crime, violence and drugs. Hip hop is all about love, peace and unity.



Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I never listend to any other kind of music than hip hop music, since my teenage years,when I first developed a taste for a music genra. I keep looking for some new hip hop artist that contribute to the hip hop community. I never bought a r&b record except an album of Tamia, that is because she is pretty I guess. I am not a much of a open minded person , when it comes to other genras than hip hop.

I am not dissing other kind of music genras, but I wouldn't spend a one single dime on those artists. At my work I don't pump my Rakim records, because I have to respect that my collegues prefer a hit radio station. Then I hear some good pop songs, like I said I would never buy a record of those bands. One of my favourite pop songs is 'Eye of the tiger' of foreigner.

Am I narrow minded? That I am not open to other music streams, well I don't mind we got enough choise within the streams of hip hop music.



Monday, July 2, 2007

This is the place to be if you are looking for new acts that is representing the underground. This site offers chuncky info about the hottest indie rappers and you can sign up for free and listen to all the best artists.

The artists are orderd by the city they from. So all the rappers from NYC is bought under the city. I have heard a couple of rappers that is promising, but there are too much mainstream infulences in there. The beats suprised me though, but some rappers really start to bore me with their fake-rich-I-already-made-it syndrome.

The some of the rappers got skills. They get a good chance to make them self heard on this site.
This site called is really dedicated to give the underground rappers a chance.
I only can leave you with this, check it out for your self. If you are a MC looking for some way to get your self heard check out



Sunday, July 1, 2007

I can not believe that rappers claim that hip hop is dead, hip hop is not dead the rappers are dead, their careers are burned out. The albums they drop is weakly produced with minimalistic content with dead type of intelligence. The mainstream raps are tasteless. I can not even think of a rapper who stay in touched with the orginal fanbase. It seems like after they dropped the first album they focus on a broader market. which gets them more mainstream attention, but less respect from the underground heads.

I got to give it up for Blast master Krs-One, who unite with Marly Marl for this Hip Hop lives project. They use to be each others revivals 20 years ago. They are working together on some unforgetable tracks that will remain as classics. This album show us that hip hop will never die. Hip hop is alive.


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