Friday, July 20, 2007

I was looking really hard for some extra cash, because I have a parttime job at the moment. I have always been working fulltime, I could not take the fact that my income decreased about 40%. So I got on the net I was searching for online money making oppertunities. I found a few possibilaties, some of them were too good to be true. First oppertunity was MLM marketing,soon I found out that I have to sell products to my family and friends. Although I have sales experience I was not going to mix a profession with my personal life.

I found out that you can make money with reading e-mails, affiliate marketing, drop shipping. Nothing could convince me of an additional income like blogging.
So I was so glad that I found out that you can make money with blogging. I love to write. The first get-paid-to-blog site that showed up in the serach engine after I typed 'make money with blogging' was Pay Per Post

I was amazed how much oppertunities there are you can pick out of and make money blogging. I was so unpatient till my blog got approved for Pay Per Post.
Yesterday I got the good news, I can not describe how happy I was, I thought I should celebrate this with my family. I am certainly going to do this.Pay Per Post is the most prominant get paid to blog site there is. This is my first post for Pay Per Post.

I can advise bloggers, who are looking for a some extra money, to sign up with Pay Per Post. At Pay Post Post it is all about the bloggers, they take us real seriously. If you contact the people at Pay Per Post with any kind of question you get the answers real soon. I love being a Postie. I know for sure that working for Pay Per Post will make a nice amount of extra money in a month.


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