Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I never listend to any other kind of music than hip hop music, since my teenage years,when I first developed a taste for a music genra. I keep looking for some new hip hop artist that contribute to the hip hop community. I never bought a r&b record except an album of Tamia, that is because she is pretty I guess. I am not a much of a open minded person , when it comes to other genras than hip hop.

I am not dissing other kind of music genras, but I wouldn't spend a one single dime on those artists. At my work I don't pump my Rakim records, because I have to respect that my collegues prefer a hit radio station. Then I hear some good pop songs, like I said I would never buy a record of those bands. One of my favourite pop songs is 'Eye of the tiger' of foreigner.

Am I narrow minded? That I am not open to other music streams, well I don't mind we got enough choise within the streams of hip hop music.


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