Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I think the most dangerous mistake the youth makes it getting dropped out of the college, me personally I was so focusing on starting a career as a rapper, that I was not realising how important an education was. At that time I was surrounded by people, who were not that focused on a career. I blame my self that I couldn't realize, that getting a higher education will get me a good job.

I now think any kid, who is busy with rapping, DJing or with another element of hip hop should realize to also focus on an education just as on their artistic talents. Don't become a broke rapper or what ever, become financial stable then you can invest in your future as a rapper, DJ, breaker or a graf writer.

As education gives you the best oppertunity for a good job, you will have money to invest in recording a demo or you even can run your own independent record label. So think as an entrepreneur and learn then you can work out the theory. Sky is the limit.


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