Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I got some good news for you, if you are looking for an additional income and you are looking for some additional income online, then I have a suggestion for all the oppertunity seekers. As you know there are quite a few methods to make money online. The most famous one is affiliate marketing, then you have doing online surveys to get paid, my favourite method to make money online is blogging.

So how do you get paid to blog ,The answer is simple.You sign up with a get paid for blogging site.One of the famous get-paid-to-blog site is Smorty. When your blog is approved you get assignments from Smorty. This site pays you to write commercial content on your blog. This is also called blog advertising

Companies, services and websites who want to advertise on blogs to expand their profits will contact Smorty. This site called Smorty is for bloggers and advertisers. Bloggers can blog for money . Advertisers can get more attention through advertising on blogs.


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About This Blog

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