Thursday, July 5, 2007

Yo! this is one of the dopest albums which is produced by DJ Premier. Illmatic album remains timeless. This album took Nas from a hood celeb to world wide lyrical mogul. I think Nas took QBC to a major plateau and gained respect from underground hip hop head to mainsream music listner.

This album Illmatic is the album with most dopest beats What Nas ever dropped. I think it is because Primo produced this. I have been rapping from 1995 to 1999 from then to till now I never picked up a mic again.

Back in my mind I got the urge to practice and work on my mic skills again, you know just for fun. So I asked a friend of mine to bless with with some dope beats, in this case I asked him if he can get his hands on instrumentals from Nas' album Illmatic. Yo! I got it, now I can write some lyrics and spit some supreme mathmatical rhymes. Word!!


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