Saturday, July 28, 2007

This rapper from Chicago got his name known all over the globe in a short perode of time. I knew Mr. West as a producer. Since the College dropout album,his name is a fact in the hip hop world. No one can not afford to mention his name when they mention Rocafella or when they talk about rappers from Chicago.

In 2004 at the time when I heard the track 'trough the wire' I knew the reason why Roc signed him. What ever track Kanye touches, it turns gold. From the cultural perspective Kanye West has lot to offer to the Hip hop community. Tracks like 'Jesus walks' is a track that got him to the top of the charts.

On the track called 'classic' he spit on a beat with Rakim, Krs-one and Nas. This track, which is produced by Primo Kanye proves he can keep up with all the big names of the rap game.


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