Saturday, July 14, 2007

This is the time to wake the jokers, who think they are already a legend because they dropped 8 album in 10 years, please!!!!
It is really not the quantity that matters, to be on the top of the game you need to strive to be like Rakim qua lyrics and flow.

Then you can claim your self a legend, anybody who knows Rakim, they know this MC stands for originality, positivity, creativity and everthing what an averige rappers are not.
He is in the game of rap more than 20 years, and he continues to rock the mic and move the crowd like a evacutation. The so called Afrocentric Asian is the most charismatic props getter ever. I have not heard any rapper yet of this kind of lyrical swiftness.

I saw Rakim live in Amsterdam in 1998, I can tell you he ain't no joke. You might think he only sounds dope on wax or whatever, not...!!!!!. Live on stage he gets you moving. I know Rakim's music since the early '90. Since the Album 18th letter dropped , he became my favourite of all time.


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