Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Back in the days, when I first started listen to hip hop music. I thought it was all about being a gangster, thug and tough. I got to admit I was really misleaded. I never could imagine, that there was a reality outside the hip hop scene. I start hanging with kids who act a certain way.

What I regret is that I never had a clear vision about getting a higher education, while I can learn with ease. I was not surrounded by some one that was successful, all I needed was some guidence. My parents warned me about the lifestyle I was living. I was misleaded by gangsta rappers that claimed being a thug was all right.

I don't blame hip hop music. I blame my self for believing these rappers. I did all the illegal things that I thought that was cool. Till I got kicked out the house my life changed drasticly.
All the so called friends were no where to be found. I am glad that those chaps are not in my network.

I got it nice right now, I got a job, I live with my parents, I got a nice girl friend. I continue to tribute to the hip hop community, by warning the kids that they should see through all the movie rolls some of the rappers are playing. That hip hop community got nothing to do with crime, violence and drugs. Hip hop is all about love, peace and unity.


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