Sunday, July 1, 2007

I can not believe that rappers claim that hip hop is dead, hip hop is not dead the rappers are dead, their careers are burned out. The albums they drop is weakly produced with minimalistic content with dead type of intelligence. The mainstream raps are tasteless. I can not even think of a rapper who stay in touched with the orginal fanbase. It seems like after they dropped the first album they focus on a broader market. which gets them more mainstream attention, but less respect from the underground heads.

I got to give it up for Blast master Krs-One, who unite with Marly Marl for this Hip Hop lives project. They use to be each others revivals 20 years ago. They are working together on some unforgetable tracks that will remain as classics. This album show us that hip hop will never die. Hip hop is alive.


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