Thursday, June 28, 2007

It is been a long time like Rakim said, that I wrote rhymes. Couple of years ago I used to write daily. I wrote few freestyles on this blog to find out if I still got it. I asked a friend of mine to check it out. He was like I can not give a opinion by reading your rhymes, you got to drop it. Now he is actually asking me to rap again. It is been almost 3 years ago that I dropped some lyrics.
So long I live with my parents I don't think I am not putting any time into rapping.

But I freestyle alot, when I am biking toward my work. Then nobody can hear me.
I can not write about a certain topic. I am a brag an boaster, freestyle lyricist,

I started rapping in 1995. I have not picked up a microphone since 1999. I think I will write some lyrics on my blog, this is alot of fun for me to do. I have been performing once as the support act of the famous Dutch hip hop band called Osdorp Posse. At that time I was not surrounded by the right type of people to get me to a better level. I also did not had the right state of mind to propel in the rap game.


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